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Who Needs Live Hidden Spy Cameras ?

Today, covert wifi spy cameras are a vital part of any fully modernized security system, allowing comprehensive home and business surveillance without the hassle of complex wiring schemes. A covert camera wifi surveillance network allows for remote viewing to your home PC, laptop, tablet. With a wireless wifi spy camera system with remote Internet access, […]

Wifi Spy Camera Iphone for Law Enforcement Surveillance

In the aftermath of a senseless and tragic act of terrorism like the Boston Marathon bombing, proposals to greatly increase law enforcement’s surveillance capabilities, even to the point of achieving around the clock blanket monitoring of large amounts of public space, may seem like a rational and wise response. But it is precisely at times […]

Watch Your Home or Business Using a WiFi Router Hidden Camera

The first step is to decide how many layers of security your home needs. Write out your home security plan on paper. There is a wide range of security devices to accomplish your security goals. Search online for home security product reviews to learn what other people have to say about security products. DIY security […]

Top 2 Best Covert Camera

Covert cameras are hidden or concealed with no signage and usually are installed for a specific and targeted intent. For purposes of safety and security investigations, only UMPD may install covert cameras for criminal investigations. Such surveillance must be authorized in writing by the DPSS executive director or delegated authority for each discrete incident and […]