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How Cell Phone Detector Works

Counter surveillance refers to measures undertaken to prevent surveillance, including covert surveillance. Counter surveillance may include electronic methods such as bug sweeping, the process of detecting surveillance devices, including covert listening devices and visual surveillance devices. More often than not, counter surveillance will employ a set of actions that, when followed, reduce the risk of […]

Why Do Law Officials Need a 1020p Law Enforcement Body Camera ?

In the wake of recent events, many states are considering law enforcement body camera policies. EPIC opposes the use of "police cams" and warned Congress that body cameras could "become the next surveillance technology disproportionately aimed at the most marginalized members of society. As police forces increasingly use body cameras to film potentially problematic encounters […]

Wifi Spy Camera Iphone for Law Enforcement Surveillance

In the aftermath of a senseless and tragic act of terrorism like the Boston Marathon bombing, proposals to greatly increase law enforcement’s surveillance capabilities, even to the point of achieving around the clock blanket monitoring of large amounts of public space, may seem like a rational and wise response. But it is precisely at times […]