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Unveiling the Invisible: Lawmate Spy Glasses – High-Definition Covert Eyewear for Elite Surveillance

Introducing Lawmate Spy Glasses: Your Ultimate Covert Surveillance Solution! Are you ready to step into the world of cutting-edge espionage technology? Look no further than the Lawmate Hi-Def Clear Spy Glasses, the pinnacle of discreet surveillance Spy glasses for surveillance. Whether you’re a private investigator, security professional, or simply an individual seeking the power of […]

Protect Your Privacy with the Spy Finder Pro – The Ultimate Solution for Detecting Hidden Cameras and Listening Devices

Introducing the Spy Finder Pro – the ultimate solution for detecting hidden cameras and covert surveillance devices! Have you ever felt like you’re being watched or listened to without your consent? It’s a scary thought, but unfortunately, it’s a reality that many of us face. Whether you’re in a hotel room, a dressing room, or […]

Counter Surveillance

Counter surveillance equipment is very similar to the equipment installed by private investigators. This equipment allows the authorities to monitor activities taking place in and around your home, business or other property without you even knowing about it. It can help catch people in the act of theft, monitor your children’s activities and also protect […]

Domestic Violence Camera Systems Provides Peace of Mind for Both Public and Private Law Enforcement

Interesting Facts About Police Body Cameras… Body Worn Cameras Police are used by many law enforcement agencies to increase officer safety by monitoring their interactions with the public. Police Body Cameras Study tell that Body cameras are also being used by private organizations such as airlines and hotels to protect their employees. While there is […]

Tweet Tweet: Bird House Camera

Outdoor surveillance cameras are placed at key areas around the home or business to monitor a variety of zones. Outdoor surveillance apparatus, of the type having a camera assembly supported for movement therein, includes a heater supported with the camera assembly for movement therewith, a circulation fan supported with the camera assembly for movement therewith […]

Wearable Video Camera For Police

Police Camera Systems can be particularly helpful in situations such as DWI arrests. Video can help to verify police accounts with indisputably clear evidence. Officers will be able to combine video evidence with more traditional methods like BAC levels in situations involving potential DWI arrests. Not all police camera systems provide quality footage in difficult […]

Who Else Wants a PTZ IP Camera w/2-Way Communication?

Internet protocol (IP) cameras are webcams used for surveillance. They are digital video cameras that transmit data over a local network or the Internet. IP cameras make it possible to remotely monitor a security system. Each type of IP camera is ideal for specific purposes. For example, dome IP cameras are made for outdoor use, […]

How To Prove Organized Retail Theft Crimes

Organized retail theft has been rampant over the years and is increasingly becoming a threat to the global retailers. Security agencies have developed several tools to tackle the problems that arise due to a weak tracking system in a retail outlet. By making optimal use of security devices, retailers can keep a tab on shrinkage […]

Why People Prefer An 8 Channel Surveillance DVR

A DVR 8 channel surveillance system offers flexibility and the ability to monitor a variety of angles simultaneously. Most users readily agree that an 8 channel DVR security system is easy to install and provides lengthier recording times. DVR 8 channel servers are revered for their versatility. They can easily connect to computer networks allowing […]

Wireless 4 Camera Home Security Surveillance DVR System

Among the different types of surveillance solutions available in the market, one of the most popular varieties is known as the 4 camera security system. These days without good quality surveillance cameras and video proof of the crime, and footage of vandals doing the deed you get nada from your local police department. So let […]

Who Else Wants Spy Cameras for Bathrooms?

The sprinkler hidden camera appears exactly similar to a sprinkler but instead carries a pinhole camera lens which allows you to view any situation that is happening beneath the camera. Spy video camera deployment is not complex when setting up a Smoke Detector Camera. Excellent for viewing images in a house or office without allowing […]

What are the Best Outdoor Surveillance Cameras for Home?

Professionals will argue about the effectiveness of the following outdoor lighting products below. But several will enhance the security rating of your home for certain and may reduce your house insurance. Floodlights or Spotlights Porch Lights Bulkhead Lights Wall Lights PIR Lights or PIR Sensors Timers. A new twist on an old favorite, this HomeSpy LED […]

How Using the XtremeLife Electrical Box Hidden Camera Will Reduce Retail Store Theft

Retail Thievery happens to be an ever-increasing issue which diminishes local retail stores profits and raises costs for local customers. Retail Robbery happens when an individual illegitimately lift goods from a retailer with the intentions to deprive the seller in the goods along with a financial benefit. Retail theft costed $37 billion last yr, up from […]

Why Robbers Love the Holidays and Why You Need Surveillance Cameras!

Almost each and every law enforcement agency warns of increased crime during the holidays, and rightfully so! The FBI reports that nearly 400,000 burglaries occur during November and December on your own. Of these 400,000, single family houses are probably the most regular victims. Did you know that 70% of burglars are amateurs, just trying […]

Why is an IP Camera Great to Help Protect You?

IP camera , can be described as a camera and computer combined in one unit. The main components of a network camera include a lens, an image sensor, one or several processors, and memory. IP Camera Bandwidth and Disk Space Calculator is a special software design tool made for calculation of required network bandwidth and […]

How Home Security Video Camera May Well Avoid Home Invasions

House invasions really are growing across the United States. Are the reason happens to be simply because reseller retail outlets which often happen to be the actual normal sources for the purpose of robberies really are beefing up their surveillance making this way more complex for crooks to perform his or her dirty jobs. An […]

#1 Private Investigator Portable Surveillance Solution

Private investigators are self-employed, awarding them the flexibility to choose their own clients and set their own rates but also the responsibility of publicizing their business and obtaining a steady work flow. Private investigators are highly regulated by law enforcement and subject to police and FBI background checks. Many come into the profession after having […]

Who Else Wants Mobile Surveillance?

Mobile surveillance is essential to complete the information developed by the fixed surveillance positions. The current trend is to combine this mobile surveillance with the initial attack. Mobile surveillance is conducted on foot, on public transportation, or in other vehicles. Most mobile surveillance camera systems are a combination of stationary and mobile; the investigator may remain […]

Who Else Wants Vandal Proof Dome Cameras?

Dome cameras are in great demand world-wide and used for many different purposes, ranging from simple shop surveillance to high profile city CCTV surveillance. They are these baseball size black half-round domes that most people don’t know what they are or what they are used for. They look like some gizmo from Star Wars. Dome cameras are […]

Why IP Camera Is Better Than Analog Camera?

Digital surveillance video is the latest technology with vastly improved resolution, megapixel IP cameras are the new leaders in camera security surveillance. IP video cameras are exceptional for use as school security cameras, bank security surveillance, law enforcement surveillance, casino surveillance, home surveillance, network surveillance video, remote surveillance system video, outdoor surveillance video, grocery store […]

Why Economic Recession Will Force More Businesses Into Bankruptcy

Are you aware that most employees are the greatest culprits of profit loss in most business especially the ones who are getting their hours cut due to the severe economic recession/depression. Many savvy employees are very knowledgeable on how their employer’s business functions day in and day out. Employees can steal data or goods and sell them […]

How To Prevent Crime Using Surveillance

Video, audio and Internet surveillance equipment truly amazes with its boundless capability. You can maintain security and prevent crime at your work place or home; you can keep an eye on a cheating spouse or your not so professional employee; you can even get access to a very personal information like email passwords and confidential […]

Why Our Sour Economy Is Causing More Shoplifting

Shoplifting is an expensive problem that everybody pays the price for. It hurts you in several ways. Shoplifting is the practice of stealing merchandise from retail establishments. Unfortunately, shoplifting is a serious and persistent problem for most retailers. Shoplifting involves carrying, concealing, or otherwise manipulating any merchandise out of the store with the intent of […]

The NEXT iPhone 3G Killer App… Video Surveillance!

Apple ‘s iPhone, the latest incarnation being the iPhone 3G , combines the functionality of an Internet -enabled cell phone with that of an iPod media player . In addition to the usual suite of communication features on a mobile phone, the iPhone can access the Internet via its EDGE or 3G wireless data connection. […]

Using A Spy Cam To Prevent Teenage Drinking Driving

Drunken driving kills about 17,000 people a year. Often courts order repeat DUI offenders to install car breathalyzers. Drunk driving is against the law in all states! The penalties for driving under the influence, are: loss of your driving privilege, prison, monetary fines, and one’s insurance carrier could cancel one’s insurance. Alcohol is involved in […]

Why US Financial Crises Will Increase Crime & Video Surveillance?

As the World Economy falters, crime goes up. Since not even the best law enforcement agency in the US can prevent drugs from infiltrating society, population increases or economic woes, you have to realize nothing can prevent crime from happening. Economic instability can causes people to become afraid, which in turn causes them to look […]

Why Businesses Need Surveillance Cameras: Combat Employee Theft

Employee theft is one of the most pervasive problems faced by businesses today, and it continues to escalate at an estimated rate of 15 percent per year. This volume presents the first full-length guide to the alternatives available to companies seeking to reduce both the actual theft of tangible property and the profits lost through […]

How To Get A Hi-Tech Video Surveillance System For Your Hidden Camera

So you’ve bought a hidden camera and it comes with a wireless receiver or plug and play (RCA cables) to connect directly to your TV, VCR or DVD recorder and you want other features like motion sensing detection, remote access, cell phone or e-mail alerts. Hidden Cameras do not come with this out of the […]

How Total Covert Hidden Camera Helps Catch Nursing Home Abuse

There have been numerous reports over the years of nursing home abuses, and there have been Congressional investigations into this abuse. Nursing homes are often understaffed, and sometimes staffed with unqualified or under-qualified caregivers. True but sad there is a lot of abuse in our nursing homes and I for one would never send my […]

How Face Recognition Surveillance Cameras Will Help Stop Future Campus Killers

Facial Recognition Surveillance 101: Facial Recognition Surveillance–Hidden passive surveillance cameras that can be set up to monitor an entrance way of any type of building to accurately identify a potential suspect, terrorist or wanted person against a database of millions of suspect images in less than one second. Facial recognition surveillance systems have been deployed […]

Campus Shootings Leave Clues Why More Surveillance Cameras Are Needed!

With our freedom comes a price to pay. Any student maniac killer can walk around free and choose to gun down innocent students or teachers without remorse and now it’s happened again.  Still, the freer environment of campuses also can pose security risks, said Ron Stephens, director of the National School Safety Center in California. […]

Who Else Wants To Watch Their Cheating Wife Using iPhone Compatible Hidden Camera

The iPhone is all the rage these days in terms of viewing the Internet with a mobile device. While there are many things you can do with your iPhone I’ll bet no one ever thought of using your iPhone to try and catch your cheating wife having an affair! Cheating is happening all the time these days. […]

How To Use Your iPhone For Outdoor Video Surveillance

The iPhone is one of the sleekest, slimmest and most useful multimedia and communications devices on the market. Far more than just a phone or a media player, the iPhone in its basic configuration can be used as a sophisticated surveillance device to monitor your house or property.  New iPhone features just unveiled include: GPS […]

How To Watch Spy Camera Video Surveillance Over The Internet Or INet Phone/iPhone

This article explains the many features of the World’s Most Complete Mini CCD Color Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera w/Receiver. The power of this camera and supplied software used to cost many thousands of dollars but now it truly possible to have an advanced mini spy camera with features that rival the most expensive surveillance system […]

How To Cut Construction Theft Using A Professional Portable Surveillance Camera System

Construction theft is literally and figuratively big business. Construction theft is widespread and nothing new. Builders often start jobs figuring that they will end up a few saws or many two-by-fours short. Construction theft is really big business that even rivals illegal mafia businesses. Construction theft may be a cost of doing business, but owners can take steps […]