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Counter Surveillance

Counter surveillance equipment is very similar to the equipment installed by private investigators. This equipment allows the authorities to monitor activities taking place in and around your home, business or other property without you even knowing about it. It can help catch people in the act of theft, monitor your children’s activities and also protect […]

Domestic Violence Camera Systems Provides Peace of Mind for Both Public and Private Law Enforcement

Interesting Facts About Police Body Cameras… Body Worn Cameras Police are used by many law enforcement agencies to increase officer safety by monitoring their interactions with the public. Police Body Cameras Study tell that Body cameras are also being used by private organizations such as airlines and hotels to protect their employees. While there is […]

Police Body Camera w/Night Vision Will Get The Evidence Needed!

The Police Body Camera with Night Vision, GPS Tracking & HD Recording is an excellent new product exceeding industry standards of what police can use to record their interactions. Find More Information About Police Body Camera w/Night Vision, GPS Tracking & HD Recording HereA removable alligator clip attaches the camera to almost anything including your […]