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How Construction Equipment Theft Can Be Reduced With Hidden Cameras

Construction thieves are now favoring fine steel appliances. Construction thieves stole a high end Sub Zero stainless steel refrigerator valued at around $6,000 just before realtors were about to show the house in Elmhurst, Il. On top of that, the floors and the door frames were marred and scratched badly. Construction theft is literally and […]

Hidden Spy Camera Reveal Security Holes At O’Hare

A hidden camera was used to reveal evidence that thousands of missing aviation ID badges. An airport worker who easily carried in a bag containing a hidden camera caught luggage not being screen by security officials at O’Hare airport. The video surveillance also shows a side gate that does not have metal detectors, bag inspections […]

How Spy Cameras Can Save Businesses Money

Businesses large and small can benefit financially from buy and installing Hidden Spy Cameras in their shops. The technology of video surveillance is constantly evolving and can be expensive for both retailers and law enforcement. Some businesses opt for low-quality or no security systems because of the cost and hassle of buying and maintaining them. […]