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Why Is Mobile Surveillance So Important Today ?

The idea of mobile surveillance is nothing new, since we’ve all seen those little trailers in mall parking lots around the holiday shopping season, but TerraHawk has created an all-in-one vehicle that can be deployed to an area quickly. Driving around, the MUST looks like a raised-roof, four-wheel-drive Ford E-Series , but when needed, a […]

Who Else Wants Mobile Surveillance?

Mobile surveillance is essential to complete the information developed by the fixed surveillance positions. The current trend is to combine this mobile surveillance with the initial attack. Mobile surveillance is conducted on foot, on public transportation, or in other vehicles. Most mobile surveillance camera systems are a combination of stationary and mobile; the investigator may remain […]

What Private Investigators Use For Mobile Surveillance

Private Investigators use an abundance to spy equipment but when they need to do intense mobile surveillance, they use a professional device called a PI Kit. The unit shown her is the ultimate covert portable receiving/recording system because it is self-powered and gives the ability to record images directly to a 160GB hard drive. Windows […]