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What Technologies Does LukWerks Video Surveillance Systems Use?

The latest rage in video surveillance equipment is the surveillance equipment designed by a company called LukWerks. They use 3 unique technologies to give them the power and versatility that is taking the surveillance world by storm. This article discusses these technologies to find out how these latest surveillance cameras “tick”. Security Camera Powerline Networking […]

What Powers The LukWerk Video Surveillance Systems?

BASIC CONCEPTS Before we dive into the overviews and how-to’s, let’s spend a few minutes explaining some basic concepts of the LukWerks Video Surveillance System. 1. Easy Setup One of the design goals of the LukWerks Video Surveillance System was to deliver a system that you could setup in 15 minutes without special tools, drilling […]

Powerful Werks Video Surveillance Software For Indoor/Outdoor & Spy Surveillance Cameras

This article explains just a few of the main features of the powerful video surveillance software that comes with the Indoor, Outdoor or Spy Camera Digital Video Surveillance System. Werks provides a powerful-but-simple interface for managing cameras, recording video, tracking alerts, and configuring remote viewing. Once you learn a few of the basic elements, most […]