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Why 3G Wireless Networks Are Set To Explode WorldWide Spy Camera Surveillance

Third-generation wireless technology, or 3G, started being rolled out in about 2001, and offers a wide range of services (from music downloads to mobile GPS) and greater efficiency than previous standards. (3rd Generation) Refers to the current generation of data transmission capabilities over a cellular network that provide Internet access and real-time video via smart […]

The NEXT iPhone 3G Killer App… Video Surveillance!

Apple ‘s iPhone, the latest incarnation being the iPhone 3G , combines the functionality of an Internet -enabled cell phone with that of an iPod media player . In addition to the usual suite of communication features on a mobile phone, the iPhone can access the Internet via its EDGE or 3G wireless data connection. […]

How To Use Your iPhone For Outdoor Video Surveillance

The iPhone is one of the sleekest, slimmest and most useful multimedia and communications devices on the market. Far more than just a phone or a media player, the iPhone in its basic configuration can be used as a sophisticated surveillance device to monitor your house or property.  New iPhone features just unveiled include: GPS […]