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Hidden Camera DVR

Necklace spy hidden camera dvr a high-tech Product, just meets a plenty of needs of people and market. It possesses a series of advanced functions including digital photography, voice memory, high speed USB data transferring and USB charging. The Tissue Box Hidden Camera DVR True CCD : This camera masquerades as a tissue box. Inside, […]

Who Else Wants To Watch Their Cheating Wife Using iPhone Compatible Hidden Camera

The iPhone is all the rage these days in terms of viewing the Internet with a mobile device. While there are many things you can do with your iPhone I’ll bet no one ever thought of using your iPhone to try and catch your cheating wife having an affair! Cheating is happening all the time these days. […]

Hidden Camera Hiding In An Ordinary Wall Clock

Just an ordinary clock? Not really. It’s a hidden camera placed in an ordinary kitchen or living room clock. This is a standard wall clock with built in hidden camera on the inside. This hidden camera could be used for many home or business application as this just looks like a ordinary clock and nothing special. Concealed within this ordinary clock is […]

Differences Between LukWerK Hidden Camera & Other Hidden Cameras

There are many hidden cameras in the video surveillance market today but there is a new kind of hidden camera that not only has a hidden camera inside of it but also a small computer that does all the video processing. World’s First Ever Networked Hidden Spy Camera The spy camera masquerades as a sleek, […]

Hidden Camera Disguised As A Suspended Animation Clock

This is a hidden camera disguised as a suspended animation clock. This is a fully-functional black clock with built in alarm. This hidden camera could be used in a dormitory, house, bathroom, kitchen or anywhere at work location where complete covert video surveillance is required. No one will ever think there is a hidden camera in […]