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Unleashing the Power of Covert Surveillance with Our Cutting-Edge Wearable Video Kit

Introducing the Wearable Video & Audio Recorders Kit, a discreet and powerful solution tailored for close-up surveillance, particularly suited for professionals like Process Servers.This comprehensive kit combines two of the most popular wearable video recording devices in the PBN-TEC range, offering exceptional 720P HD video paired with superior audio capture. Designed for professionals who demand […]

Unleash the Power of Real-time Listening: The Ultimate Smart Wi-Fi Voice Recorder

Discover the Power of Voice Activated Wi-Fi Audio Recorder with Live Listening Are you looking for a cutting-edge solution to monitor your home or office remotely, right from your smartphone? Look no further! Our Voice Activated Wi-Fi Audio Recorder with Live Listening is the perfect tool for security-conscious individuals, business owners, and homeowners seeking peace […]

Covert Mission Can Use a WiFi Wireless Speaker Spy Camera/DVR

Covert operations and clandestine operations are distinct. The Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms (Joint Publication JP1-02), defines “covert operation” as “an operation that is so planned and executed as to conceal the identity of or permit plausible denial by the sponsor. A covert operation differs from a clandestine operation in that […]

Who Else Wants a Covert Spy Camera In a TV Remote Control?

Spy cameras and microphones have moved from the arena of political espionage to the boardrooms of corporate offices and police surveillance operations. Recognizing the prevalence of electronic eavesdropping devices and their threat to privacy, the United States Congress passed the Electronic Communication Privacy Act in 1986, which made bugging illegal. Nonetheless, the use of eavesdropping […]

How Cell Phone Detector Works

Counter surveillance refers to measures undertaken to prevent surveillance, including covert surveillance. Counter surveillance may include electronic methods such as bug sweeping, the process of detecting surveillance devices, including covert listening devices and visual surveillance devices. More often than not, counter surveillance will employ a set of actions that, when followed, reduce the risk of […]

How Do Wifi Spy Cameras Work

Internet cameras go by a lot of different names. You might hear them referred to as “IP or “internet protocol” cams, “network cameras” or “webcams. ” Whatever you choose to call it, an internet cam is a camera that sends and receives data over a local area network (LAN) and/or the internet. Surveillance cameras can […]

Why Do Law Officials Need a 1020p Law Enforcement Body Camera ?

In the wake of recent events, many states are considering law enforcement body camera policies. EPIC opposes the use of “police cams” and warned Congress that body cameras could “become the next surveillance technology disproportionately aimed at the most marginalized members of society. As police forces increasingly use body cameras to film potentially problematic encounters […]

Wifi Spy Camera Iphone for Law Enforcement Surveillance

In the aftermath of a senseless and tragic act of terrorism like the Boston Marathon bombing, proposals to greatly increase law enforcement’s surveillance capabilities, even to the point of achieving around the clock blanket monitoring of large amounts of public space, may seem like a rational and wise response. But it is precisely at times […]

Watch Your Home or Business Using a WiFi Router Hidden Camera

The first step is to decide how many layers of security your home needs. Write out your home security plan on paper. There is a wide range of security devices to accomplish your security goals. Search online for home security product reviews to learn what other people have to say about security products. DIY security […]

Why You Need A Smoke Detector Spy Camera

Concealed video cameras are installed in their quarters so that the nannies’ activities could be kept track of later on or perhaps immediately employing modern day far-off engineering. These electronic cameras are small and camouflaged in toys or digital products kept close to the area. In some cases, a criminal activity is beyond security cam. […]

Who Else Wants a DVR Spy Camera ?

There are two primary types of surveillance applications: overt and covert. Overt video means cameras are noticeable and can be seen within the protected premises. Even overt cameras have become aesthetic and may blend with the surroundings or environment; still noticeable but not obtrusive. Covert cameras can also be conventional cameras placed in discreet locations. […]

World’s Only Button Camera Live Feed Spy Camera

Streaming video from a remote location to a head-office or directly to a video server or CDN (Content Delivery Network) is now possible with the recent advancements in video streaming technology. Bringing in the complete robust solution together however can require some research. The live streaming system has several benefits. It increases the safety of […]

Wearable Video Camera For Police

Police Camera Systems can be particularly helpful in situations such as DWI arrests. Video can help to verify police accounts with indisputably clear evidence. Officers will be able to combine video evidence with more traditional methods like BAC levels in situations involving potential DWI arrests. Not all police camera systems provide quality footage in difficult […]

Who Else Needs a Live Spy Cam

Police are devoting increasing attention and resources to combat child pornography and online sex offences. Investigations are necessarily complex and time consuming because they are often coordinated across jurisdictions, they involve networks of offenders using varying levels of security, and an individual offender must be linked to the misuse of a computer. In law enforcement, […]

Who Else Want’s A Photo Frame Spy Camera ?

A digital photo frame (also called a digital media frame) is a picture frame that displays digital photos without the need of a computer or printer. The introduction of digital photo frames predates tablet computers, which can serve the same purpose in some situations; however, digital photo frames are generally designed specifically for the stationary, […]

4 Wireless Camera Security System – High Def

Video surveillance systems have come a long way since the days of black and white tube cameras. Today’s surveillance systems involve multiple digital and network video recorders, analog and streaming cameras, and servers that produce crystal-clear, high-resolution images. Users are finding they need high quality display monitors to fully appreciate the superior footage. Surveillance systems […]

Who Else Needs A High Definition Security Camera System

Security cameras are the most common tool for surveillance. They are an obvious deterrent and have a feeling for the majority of security applications. Many cam package can accept a selection of interchangeable lenses that enable you to adjust the viewing position to maximize their protection in the area you should monitor. Security cameras should […]

What High Resolution Security Camera May Prevent the Next Terrorist Attack ?

Terrorism spread significantly in the past year, with attacks and fatalities in more countries than ever. While many countries experience no terrorist activity, the number of countries to experience at least one or more deaths from terrorist activity has increased from 59 in 2013 to 67 in 2014. Now we have 14 Killed in San […]

Who Else Wants A Black Box Spy Camera w/Remote Access ???

Security cameras are ideal for checking those who’ve hired who may have access to your home, such as house cleaners, contractors, gardeners and actually real estate agents. Excessively, there are cases in which the service staff stealing valuables and / or personal data, such as prescriptions, diamond jewelry and small electronics coming from homes in […]

The Many Uses For a Button Hole Camera

Consumer groups like police officers, private investigators, mystery shoppers, firefighters can find body worn cameras very useful for their day to day job needs, but large group of consumers are using them for social experiments, personal investigations and /or personal protection. So taking in consideration this wide choice of applications we have developed our cameras […]

Who Doesn’t Need a Security Light With Camera ?

If you are in the quest for outdoor LED flood light that offers bright lighting, the LED Outdoor Security Floodlight could be your best bet. LED flood lights eliminate the need for frequent bulb replacements. This contributes to the reduction of hazardous waste. They also consume very little electricity. You can save as much as […]

Find Out the Truth With This Totally Covert WiFi Spycam

Remote hidden cameras provide many different positive qualities that wired hidden cameras do not. However, there are also some disadvantages and other things you should think about and be aware of. However, before we get into the differences between wireless and wired cameras, let’s first look at why you may find yourself wanting or needing […]

Who Else Needs a Spy Camera for Car ?

Police agencies are also learning that processing video footage is labor-intensive. Chesapeake officers tag videos as evidence and may spend extra time when writing reports to ensure they’re in sync with what recordings show. Police department staff respond to requests for footage, occasionally needing to redact portions of clips. Police in Santa Cruz, Watsonville and […]

Who Else Wants a 1080p Hi-Def Night Vision Wireless Security Camera ?

Security cameras and other surveillance accessories play a very vital role in our day-to-day lives where security has become a prime concern. May it be home, office, or any workplace, a proper security system helps establish stability and a sense of protection in that area. Demand for security cameras and surveillance equipment has never been […]

Wifi Spycam Mini-Clock Cam: Watch on Your Smartphone

Spy cameras have increasingly grown in use over the years. You see them almost everywhere – offices, libraries, traffic intersections, stores, and even homes! You can certainly appreciate the security concerns behind these high-tech installations. However, there are definitely times when you want them out of your life. In general, spy cameras are great tools […]

Bluetooth Spy Cameras Are Great Disguises for Nanny Cams

Bluetooth Technology Bluetooth is a method for data communication that uses short-range radio links to replace cables between computers and their connected units. It was started by a SIG comprising of IBM, Intel, Nokia, Toshiba and Ericsson. Bluetooth is the unchallenged technology for voice connections. Additionally, it enables easy connections to other Bluetooth enabled devices […]

Who Else Needs A Remote Control Webcam ?

Video surveillance offers powerful, effective, and affordable security protection for both residential and commercial areas. Technological innovations have made video surveillance options easy to operate, customizable, and scalable tailored specifically for your purpose. Security cameras can be a powerful force against burglars. Just the sight of security cameras might scare off an intruder, because criminals […]