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What Is GPS location Tracker ?

Not only government is taking benefit of GPS location tracker for iPhone app, but employers and parents are also using this application to keep check on the person on which they have doubt. They are using the same technology for spying the people and getting all personal information regarding their call history, text messages, social […]

Smallest Personal GPS Tracker

Personal GPS tracker  uses the same wireless technology, that is, it communicates with GPS satellites and so with cellular networks – so it can interpolate the device location faster.  Some vendors claimed they offer personal trackers in the form of  microchip or implant , but still with uncertainty if those are also using GPS technology. […]

How to Kidnap Someone

Just to note that this article is not about how to kidnap anyone but actually how to find someone after they have been kidnapped. You’ve heard it all before… This is a frightening situation. Sometimes it truly is just a misunderstanding, your ex got his/her days and hours mixed up.  Sometimes though, your ex has […]