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What Is GPS location Tracker ?

Not only government is taking benefit of GPS location tracker for iPhone app, but employers and parents are also using this application to keep check on the person on which they have doubt. They are using the same technology for spying the people and getting all personal information regarding their call history, text messages, social […]

Smallest Personal GPS Tracker

Personal GPS tracker  uses the same wireless technology, that is, it communicates with GPS satellites and so with cellular networks – so it can interpolate the device location faster.  Some vendors claimed they offer personal trackers in the form of  microchip or implant , but still with uncertainty if those are also using GPS technology. […]

How to Kidnap Someone

Just to note that this article is not about how to kidnap anyone but actually how to find someone after they have been kidnapped. You’ve heard it all before… This is a frightening situation. Sometimes it truly is just a misunderstanding, your ex got his/her days and hours mixed up.  Sometimes though, your ex has […]

How To Track A Vehicle

GPS is the abbreviated form in reference to Global Positioning System. This neatness is engineered for tracking anybody anywhere on unanalyzable corner of the substance. At what time the advent as regards this system occurred it is not that easy to understand its working functionalities, but as time passed on people became friendlier with GPs […]

Mini GPS Tracking Device

These days you really are also able to acquire smaller GPS tracking systems that could be fitted to pets, given to children or confused elderly relatives. All three classes are inclined to go wandering off to examine the world in their own way and leave behind anxious owners or family members panicking. A mini GPS […]

Smallest GPS Tracking Device

A GPS tracking device is a compact unit that can easily be attached or installed on any automobile. Using information acquired from Global Positioning System satellites orbiting around the planet, the GPS tracker can determine every location a driver goes, the speeds a driver traveled and tons of other data surrounding driver activity. A GPS […]

GPS Mini Tracker

There are a number of different types and categories of portable GPS tracker systems available today. Some focus on real-time monitoring, while other serves simply a navigational purpose. Still others are used in a passive capacity. Because there are so many different types of portable GPS devices to choose from, whether for business or personal […]

Motorcycle Tracking Device

GPS Tracking systems are widely used to monitor the whereabouts of a broad array of motor vehicles. Motorcycles, which can often be expensive and irreplaceable to their owners, can be outfitted with a number of real time tracking solutions. This entry will outline some of the leading GPS tracking options that are currently on the […]

Track Your Car

Do you track your car on a regular basis? Or is the car your weekend warrior? While they are good at providing safety for your car they are not foolproof; car thieves can run away with your car by cracking even the most sophisticated security systems. Also insurance companies take into account when working out […]

Using GoTek7 GPS Tracker To Find Your Stolen Boat, ATV, Car, Truck!

If your interested in getting your ATV’s, Motorcycles, Boats, RV’s and other Boy Toys back after being stolen read on. Security experts think that perhaps the thieves are desperate because residential residents have beefed up their own home security. Therefore, they are turning corporate. Security shutters, retractable gates and removable window bars meet many of […]

PAY-AS-YOU-GO GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Navigation know-how is employed everyday foundation by many investigators to solve offences, together with discovering and apprehending sexual predators, individuals violating youngster custody contracts, and also numerous various other violations associated to cars. GPSPlazes’s technological know-how is special since it includes each GPS Navigation and GSM using the Web dependent GPRS technological know-how. It […]