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Construction Equipment Theft Can’t Be Prevented. Here’s What You Can Do!

Construction equipment theft is big business. Large and small equipment, vehicles, building material and tools are disappearing from construction sites at an alarming rate. It is not uncommon for contractors to lose building material, tools and expensive equipment every day – in fact, this is unfortunately the norm rather than the exception. Why? The answer […]

How To Cut Construction Theft Using A Professional Portable Surveillance Camera System

Construction theft is literally and figuratively big business. Construction theft is widespread and nothing new. Builders often start jobs figuring that they will end up a few saws or many two-by-fours short. Construction theft is really big business that even rivals illegal mafia businesses. Construction theft may be a cost of doing business, but owners can take steps […]

How Construction Equipment Theft Can Be Reduced With Hidden Cameras

Construction thieves are now favoring fine steel appliances. Construction thieves stole a high end Sub Zero stainless steel refrigerator valued at around $6,000 just before realtors were about to show the house in Elmhurst, Il. On top of that, the floors and the door frames were marred and scratched badly. Construction theft is literally and […]