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Best Voice Recorder

There are many different things to consider when finding the best voice recorder digital device. Some of the best and most popular brands to consider are Olympus and Sony. They just seem to be ahead of the field in capabilities and quality but there are many other brands that will suffice just the same. Know […]

Micro Voice Recorder

The digital voice recorders you see on the shelves today weren’t always so small and compact. Today’s digital Dictaphones and other recorders got their start more than 130 years ago with the invention of the phonograph, and advances in technology have turned them into the convenient machines we use today. The listed recording times for […]

Who Else Wants The Best Digital Voice Recorder?

Audio surveillance can also be very important part in enabling eavesdropping. In order for spies to hear entire conversations without actually being in the room, tiny microphones are used with amplifiers, transmitters and/or recorders so that information can be gathered right, ‘from the horse’s mouth.’ Generally, each operation could require a specially developed listening device, […]

5 Mini Voice Recorders Get Rave Law Enforcement Reviews

Telesystems Ltd. have been known for 16 years among Russian professionals as a promising manufacturer. In its turn TS-Market is established by Telesystems company and have been exporting its electronic devices worldwide already for 5 years to 20 countries.   These miniature professional digital audio recorders Edic-mini TINY series are Guinness Book Record winners due to their […]