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Who Else Wants A Mouse Covert Hidden Camera DVR ?

Today’s covert spy cameras aren’t your father’s hidden cameras. Today’s spy cams are sleek, stylish, and most importantly, practically undetectable to even the most discerning eye. Gone are the days when high-tech, discreet spy cameras were only fantasies you saw on the silver screen. Now, you can have all the surveillance, security and peace of […]

Hidden Camera DVR

Necklace spy hidden camera dvr a high-tech Product, just meets a plenty of needs of people and market. It possesses a series of advanced functions including digital photography, voice memory, high speed USB data transferring and USB charging. The Tissue Box Hidden Camera DVR True CCD : This camera masquerades as a tissue box. Inside, […]

Why Employers Need A Hidden Camera To Watch Their Drivers

Employees driving ambulances, fire trucks, police squads and snow plow drivers can gain valuable experience with reality based equipment in a variety of conditions while not being put in harms way. Simulations can include the weather conditions (snow, fog, rain, ice, wind, etc., vehicle problems (blown tire, brake failure, etc) or time of day scenarios. […]

How To Catch Construction Site Theft Using A Hidden Camera

Construction theft is really big business that even rivals illegal mafia businesses. Industry experts in the insurance business estimate annual losses at roughly $1 billion in equipment theft and vandalism. Contractors, equipment dealers, insurance companies, equipment manufacturers are all at a loss when job sites are vandalized or equipment and materials are ripped-off. The phenomenon of theft and vandalism of […]