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What An Outdoor WiFi Security Camera Is Good For

Outdoor surveillance cameras have several purposes. You can use them to monitor your home for possible intruders or to observe activities in playgrounds, backyard swimming pools and front doors. No home should be without an outdoor video surveillance camera. Outdoor surveillance cameras are easy to install and can be up and running in minutes. Outdoor […]

Covert Motion Detector Camera

A motion detector hidden camera can be just what the situation calls for when covert monitoring is required.   These hidden cameras can be used just about anywhere and provide a remarkably good digital video image.   There are a few different types of motion detector hidden cameras and in the following article will take […]

Fake Video Surveillance Cameras

Security is more perception than reality. Installing fake video surveillance cameras (nothing works but a red blinking light) is often just as effective as installing the real ones. While security camera technology has improved considerably due to computer harddrives and the internet, getting a clear enough image to decipher license plates and to ID intruders […]