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Bed Room Hidden Camera

In todays day and age, no price can be put on having peace of mind. Whether you’re looking to protect your home or your business, our surveillance systems will you to always keep a watchful eye on your family and your investments. The most favored and effective covert cameras commonly look like the most harmless […]

Why Employers Need A Hidden Camera To Watch Their Drivers

Employees driving ambulances, fire trucks, police squads and snow plow drivers can gain valuable experience with reality based equipment in a variety of conditions while not being put in harms way. Simulations can include the weather conditions (snow, fog, rain, ice, wind, etc., vehicle problems (blown tire, brake failure, etc) or time of day scenarios. […]

Hidden Camera With Professional Portable DVR Receiver Recorder

These 2 most popular hidden camera devices are covertly disguised as a Sony Alarm Clock or Air Freshener you would see in any typical home, apartment or business. And now for the first time combined with a Professional Recorder / Receiver Hidden Camera Bundle for your most covert hidden camera surveillance operations! HC-ALARC-GC Alarm Clock Wireless Color […]