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How To Prove Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse and neglect has injured and killed many elderly patients and has left several families in devastation and bereavement. If you believe your family member has been the victim of neglect or abuse in a nursing home, assisted living center, or other residential or long-term care setting, please contact an attorney at Hornsby, […]

How Total Covert Hidden Camera Helps Catch Nursing Home Abuse

There have been numerous reports over the years of nursing home abuses, and there have been Congressional investigations into this abuse. Nursing homes are often understaffed, and sometimes staffed with unqualified or under-qualified caregivers. True but sad there is a lot of abuse in our nursing homes and I for one would never send my […]

Two Surefire Ways To Catch Nursing Home Abuse With Hidden Cameras

Nursing home abuse is rampant in today’s society. Elderly patients and the mentally ill do not have a chance in most all of our world wide nursing homes. Many facilities fail to provide the services necessary for patients to avoid physical harm, mental anguish or mental illness. Official investigate nearly 4,500 nursing home abuse cases each year […]