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Who Else Wants Mobile Surveillance?

Mobile surveillance is essential to complete the information developed by the fixed surveillance positions. The current trend is to combine this mobile surveillance with the initial attack. Mobile surveillance is conducted on foot, on public transportation, or in other vehicles. Most mobile surveillance camera systems are a combination of stationary and mobile; the investigator may remain […]

Why Economic Recession Will Force More Businesses Into Bankruptcy

Are you aware that most employees are the greatest culprits of profit loss in most business especially the ones who are getting their hours cut due to the severe economic recession/depression. Many savvy employees are very knowledgeable on how their employer’s business functions day in and day out. Employees can steal data or goods and sell them […]

Who Else Wants A Church Surveillance Camera System?

Church surveillance by police serves not only to protect public order or, to be more precise, public order includes a ban on church attendance for those who are not legally Christian. Church surveillance cameras have been gaining popularity recently, especially those that use IP video technology. Surveillance cameras can give congregations like Ahavath Beth Israel […]

New Features In WiLife Video Surveillance Camera Upgrade No Other Surveillance Equipment Has!

The WiLife Platinum software upgrade for WiLife Video Surveillance Camera Systems is available now. Here are what you will see in terms of features for these powerful Video Surveillance Systems. Increase your Security Upgrade to WiLife Platinum™ and expand your already powerful WiLife Video Security System™ with enhanced monitoring, detection, alerts, and video storage control. Adding […]

What’s In LukWerks Video Surveillance Camera System V2.0?

It does not matter if you own a restaurant or a convenience store; or a professional office or a small kiosk at a mall. The value of having a Video Surveillance Camera System monitoring your business property is a must in todays world of employee theft and vandalism. LukWerks Video Surveillance Camera Systems provides a business security surveillance […]

The Need For Outdoor Video Surveillance Systems

Most video surveillance systems today focus around hidden cameras and spy cameras for indoor use but very little is talked about in the way of weatherproof video surveillance camera systems designed for outdoor use. There are many uses for outdoor video surveillance system, like yard surveillance and watching the back yard for possible intruders. Many […]

Why Restaurant Owners Need Video Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance experts see food as the next big industry to become camera-ready, as restaurateurs take advantage of falling prices for technology to combat rising levels of theft. “Food service is one of our most booming industries,” said Glenn Freiboth, president of GLC Enterprises, a surveillance equipment company based in Naperville, Ill. “It seems that the restaurant […]

How A Indoor Video Surveillance System Transmits Surveillance Video Over House Wires

Introducing the first Indoor Digital Video Surveillance System that is powerful enough for either your home or small business or even for a church video surveillance solution. The LukWerks Indoor Video Surveillance System consists of State-of-the-art Luk Cameras that capture high-resolution, full color vide, and the powerful, yet user friendly, Werks software program that displays […]

Introducing The Most Powerful Video Surveillance Systems For Church, Home or Business

LukWerks Video Surveillance Starter Kits include all the components for a full-featured, single camera system. Each starter kit includes a smart Luk Camera, powerful Surveillance Software, Homeplug USB Receiver and Remote Viewing Technology. Built using Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), LukWerks automatically connects your smart security cameras and PC. Get started with the most flexible surveillance starter […]

Best Video Surveillance Camera Systems Installed

The Chicago area like most parts of the country are becoming extremely video surveillance hungry. The need to know of theft by not only thieves but by employees anxious to rip-off the employer and make of with goods, money or both.  There are many uses for complete surveillance systems including restaurants, retail shops, child care […]

How To Choose The Right Surveillance Camera System

Surveillance Cameras come in all shapes and size and how to use them and connect them can be hard thing to understand. Factors to consider when considering buy a surveillance camera are described in this article. General things to ask yourself: Should I buy Wireless or Wired surveillance cameras? Wireless is much easier to install […]

Surveillance Camera Basics For Business Owners

Surveillance cameras can be a business owner’s 24 hour policeman always watching out for your best interests. They allow you to keep an eagle eye on your business when you can’t be there and help you know exactly what’s may be going on while away from your location. Today’s newer digital systems can record images directly to Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), they capture […]