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The Ultimate Surveillance Tool: LawMate PV 900 EVO3 Smartphone Wi-Fi Camera and DVR

Introducing the LawMate PV 900 EVO3 Smartphone Wi-Fi Camera and DVR – the ultimate tool for professional surveillance and security and Covert surveillance! With its sleek design and cutting-edge features, the LawMate PV 900 EVO3 is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to keep a close eye on their surroundings. This powerful device combines […]

What An Outdoor WiFi Security Camera Is Good For

Outdoor surveillance cameras have several purposes. You can use them to monitor your home for possible intruders or to observe activities in playgrounds, backyard swimming pools and front doors. No home should be without an outdoor video surveillance camera. Outdoor surveillance cameras are easy to install and can be up and running in minutes. Outdoor […]

Fake Video Surveillance Cameras

Security is more perception than reality. Installing fake video surveillance cameras (nothing works but a red blinking light) is often just as effective as installing the real ones. While security camera technology has improved considerably due to computer harddrives and the internet, getting a clear enough image to decipher license plates and to ID intruders […]

How Home Security Video Camera May Well Avoid Home Invasions

House invasions really are growing across the United States. Are the reason happens to be simply because reseller retail outlets which often happen to be the actual normal sources for the purpose of robberies really are beefing up their surveillance making this way more complex for crooks to perform his or her dirty jobs. An […]

Why Economic Recession Will Force More Businesses Into Bankruptcy

Are you aware that most employees are the greatest culprits of profit loss in most business especially the ones who are getting their hours cut due to the severe economic recession/depression. Many savvy employees are very knowledgeable on how their employer’s business functions day in and day out. Employees can steal data or goods and sell them […]

What Surveillance Gadgets Pinned Rod Blagojevich?

Blagojevich being caught off-guard when he was asked where Rochester’s grant money was. The clip continues past that, with Gov. Blagojevich evidently assumed that he was King of Illinois and did Barrack Obama recently vacate trying to literally sell the Senate seat. According to Illinois law, the governor determines who fills the seat, and Blagojevich […]

How To Install A Home or Condo Door Surveillance Camera

Anyone who needs to see who is coming or who is knocking at your door needs to have a surveillance camera that can watch the front and maybe the side or back door. But quality surveillance camera that are easy to install that gives you recording capability and the tools to quickly review video and […]

4 Wireless Spy Cam Problems

In this day of wireless cell phones and security very few people know that having a hardwired Internet connection to a computer is a lot more reliable and secure that a wireless one. One camera system out there that is even better than wireless and is just as secure as a hardwire connection (but is not […]

What Is The Need For Church Video Surveillance?

Security is being beefed up in nearly all areas of world. Security measures in any public place cannot be taken lightly as we still have bitter memories of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and church video surveillance is no exception. Any time you have a place where large groups of church goers, special attention must be in place […]

Introducing The Most Powerful Video Surveillance Systems For Church, Home or Business

LukWerks Video Surveillance Starter Kits include all the components for a full-featured, single camera system. Each starter kit includes a smart Luk Camera, powerful Surveillance Software, Homeplug USB Receiver and Remote Viewing Technology. Built using Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), LukWerks automatically connects your smart security cameras and PC. Get started with the most flexible surveillance starter […]

How Spy Cameras Can Save Businesses Money

Businesses large and small can benefit financially from buy and installing Hidden Spy Cameras in their shops. The technology of video surveillance is constantly evolving and can be expensive for both retailers and law enforcement. Some businesses opt for low-quality or no security systems because of the cost and hassle of buying and maintaining them. […]

Is The Screw Camera The Ultimate Hidden Camera?

Most of us these days have heard about hidden cameras formally called nanny cams. Many of these hidden cameras are built into everyday looking items like and Air Freshener, Smoke Detector or ordinary household Fan. But there is even a more discreet surveillance camera on the market today that invisibly blends into a wall, ceiling […]

How To Choose The Right Surveillance Camera System

Surveillance Cameras come in all shapes and size and how to use them and connect them can be hard thing to understand. Factors to consider when considering buy a surveillance camera are described in this article. General things to ask yourself: Should I buy Wireless or Wired surveillance cameras? Wireless is much easier to install […]

Surveillance Camera Basics For Business Owners

Surveillance cameras can be a business owner’s 24 hour policeman always watching out for your best interests. They allow you to keep an eagle eye on your business when you can’t be there and help you know exactly what’s may be going on while away from your location. Today’s newer digital systems can record images directly to Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), they capture […]