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6 Best Hidden Camera Locations For Business

Along with a video security system, hidden cameras provide an additional form of security for any company. Companies depend on hidden cameras to enhance a pre-existing video security system and monitor staff behavior, prevent criminal damage and thievery, and improve overall basic safety. There are a variety of camera locations that are beneficial for providing […]

Spying In Shades With Spy Camera Glasses

Spy camera glasses are designed for covert operations. They are particularly useful in espionage and law enforcement. Authorities use them to obtain information or put suspects under surveillance. Spy camera glasses also come handy to private detectives who use them to catch erring spouses or obtain damaging evidence for use in litigations. In the film, […]

Cam Sports

Sports camera manufacturer Ion has significantly broadened its offerings this year, announcing an updated version of its Ion Air Pro and two new cameras, the Ion Adventure and the Ion Speed Pro. The Ion Adventure weighs 4. 2 ounces, has a side-mounted lens, and shoots video at 1080p. I think the sports camera is the […]


It’s important to add a camera security system to your home or business. This surveillance system allows you to install up to 8 wired cameras to digitally record all activity. This DVR has full networking capability and uses an embedded DVR which allows you to view live video on the Internet or play back recorded […]

Hidden Kamera

How well do you really know your spouse? Are you completely sure he or she hasn’t been recording your every move with a hidden camera for months? Because that’s what Joseph Zang did to his wife, Catherine, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. Catherine found out about the recordings during her 2009 divorce proceedings, and they sparked […]

Spy Camera Glasses

The many spy cameras available today are not only used by the army, private investigators and even normal households have found ways of making use of their amazing technology. The private investigator obviously has many needs for the spy equipment. Their job is nearly always to be inconspicuous to their subject, the spy cameras tiny […]

How the Hidden Clock Camera Can Be Used to Catch a Abusive Caregiver

Hidden cameras are extremely simple to hide because of the reality the fundamental unit is usually absolutely nothing much more than a CCD (Cost Coupled Gadget) board camera”. Concealed cameras are particularly helpful within the workplace for many different factors. Concealed cameras or nanny cams are turning into much more and much more well-liked simply […]

How To Catch Your Cheating Wife With A Hidden Camera

Infidelity is complicated and individual. The indications of the infidelity companion are at times really subtle and tough to recognize. Infidelity in relationship is possibly probably the most traumatic expertise that may befall any spouse. The discomfort, anger, harm, sadness and disappointment could be soul destroying. Infidelity develops in levels. In nearly each situation, you […]

Who Else Wants a Battery Operated Thermally Motion Activated Teddy Bear Hidden Camera?

Hidden cameras are an important source of evidence collection and are most sought after by people involved in spy work or detective services. Hidden cameras are ubiquitous and are found anywhere these days from airports and train stations to elevators in apartment buildings. Hidden cameras are also used in business establishments of all sizes, especially […]

Who Else Wants A Hidden Camera With PTZ: Pan-Tilt-Zoom?

PTZ enabled security cameras refers to cameras that can Pan, Tilt and Zoom. These type of cameras have been around for years now. Gone are the days of stationary black and white cameras unable to follow the action. Today’s PTZ solutions can pan, tilt and zoom in on an incident or take in an entire […]