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How Construction Equipment Theft Can Be Reduced With Hidden Cameras

Construction thieves are now favoring fine steel appliances. Construction thieves stole a high end Sub Zero stainless steel refrigerator valued at around $6,000 just before realtors were about to show the house in Elmhurst, Il. On top of that, the floors and the door frames were marred and scratched badly. Construction theft is literally and […]

How To Stop Construction Site, Parking Lot, Entrance Way Theft

Parking lots can offer a fast and easy getaway for car break-in thieves. It’s happens all the time. Many people who go into stores to enjoy a day of shopping return to the parking lot to find that your vehicle has been broken into. Theft is the most common crime affecting parking lots today. Having […]

How To Catch Construction Site Theft Using A Hidden Camera

Construction theft is really big business that even rivals illegal mafia businesses. Industry experts in the insurance business estimate annual losses at roughly $1 billion in equipment theft and vandalism. Contractors, equipment dealers, insurance companies, equipment manufacturers are all at a loss when job sites are vandalized or equipment and materials are ripped-off. The phenomenon of theft and vandalism of […]