How To Stop Construction Site, Parking Lot, Entrance Way Theft

Parking lots can offer a fast and easy getaway for car break-in thieves. It’s happens all the time. Many people who go into stores to enjoy a day of shopping return to the parking lot to find that your vehicle has been broken into.

Theft is the most common crime affecting parking lots today. Having hundreds of cars parked in an unattended area can be a great draw for thieves. Cars are easy to enter and grab this from too especially if the items are on the seat. All the thief has to do is break the glass and grab it which takes only 2 seconds. Many thieves target several cars in a row, grab their bounty and quickly drive away.

Entrance ways to building such as apartment building are also subject to theft. Many thieves enter apartment complex entrance ways and steal renters things left in the entrance ways. It really hard to put anything in the building to catch thieves in the act of stealing or vandalizing.

Putting warning signs in the entrance-way is prevalent entrance way theft throughout the building but too many old, battered signs that make the place look unkept.

Read on to see what currently can be done to stop entrance way theft and vandalism.

Construction theft is also a big target for thieves that is currently a $1 billion market for theft or equipment and building materials.

When thieves vandalize or steal equipment and materials at a construction site, builders, equipment dealers, insurance companies, equipment manufacturers all lose money when they are ripped-off.

Construction sites have been vandalized for decades and is likely to continue if builders don’t move to do things to prevent it. It’s a national problem and is not going away soon. The construction industry must do must find ways to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice and recover there materials.

Equipment or material that is stolen can shut the job down temporarily or even permanently making it impossible to recover the costs. Insurance costs are continuously rising due to widespread theft and how easy it is to commit.

Rental companies may refuse to rent to people who don’t properly guard their assets. Company reputations can be severely damaged through vandal actions or repeated thefts. Failure to act in a pre-emptive way to avoid theft and vandalism is irresponsible and unnecessary.


An estimated 90% of all equipment thefts take place between 6 p.m. Friday and 6 a.m. Monday. Holidays and week nights are next. Construction sites are most vulnerable on weekends and tools, appliances and believe it or not scrap metal and copper are the most popular items to steal. After that heavy equipment are the most likely items to steal. 

So what can be done to stop construction site, parking lot or entrance way theft?

Surveillance Cameras – The idea of being caught on video is a great deterrent to theft.

  • Cost effective
  • Can be transferred from one location to the next.
  • Video streams are transferred to any location in the world using a standard PC.
  • May include motion detection and two-way audio.
  • Remote accessibility – Can be linked to a website to give the public the ability to view the theft in progress.
  • Increase possibility of apprehension – When properly used they do result in deterrence, detection, and prosecution.
  • Security and Safety – Monitoring construction sites, parking lots and entrance ways can also be used to spot unsafe working conditions and/or procedures.

Electrical Box Hidden Camera Hidden Surveillance Cameras are great for use on construction sites, entrance ways, parking lots, or anywhere that power in not readily available. The new Memo-Cam Electrical Box Hidden Camera offers outstanding covert outdoor security recording in a completely self contained package. Metal weatherproof electrical box measures only 10 x 7 /12 X 4 inches  Hi-Resolution video images are recorded on a small SD card whenever motion is detected. Rechargeable batteries operate unit for 4 full days (96 hours) on a single charge. System includes extra set of batteries and charger, so batteries can be quickly swapped. Camera views out front of box but can be  custom ordered to view from either side.


  • Active 4 Days on a Single Charge
  • “High Voltage” Warning Label Discourages Meddlers
  • Concealed Camera Invisible to Onlookers
  • Locking Electrical Power Box
  • Choice of Super Low Light B&W (.0003 lux) or Color


  • Electrical Box Memo-Cam
  • Extra Set of Rechargeable Batteries
  • Recharger
  • 2GB SD Card
  • AC Adaptor (for hard wire applications)


For those who want the very best, the MEMO-CAM PRO-SERIES offers exclusive features found only on high end DVRs.

  • Powered by “Memo-Cam” – The world leader in “image capture to memory card” technology.
  • 640 X 480 High Resolution Video @ 10fps- Super sharp images aid in face recognition and video detail.
  • Selectable Frame Rate: User programmable frame rate setting from 1 frame per minute ~ 10fps. Allows for custom installation.
  • ZOOM IN During Playback- See details of interest with great clarity.
  • Fast Search by Time or Alarm events: Allows for easy, fast location of recording of interest.
  • User Settings Uploaded on SD Card- No need to remove unit to connect to TV or Monitor, simply adjust the user settings on your PC and they are uploaded to the unit automatically.
  • 8 Selectable Levels of Video Quality – Select the video quality needed for the application, conserving memory space.
  • Advanced Motion Activation with Masking- Grid and Sensitivity adjustments allow for “masking out” areas of the picture (such as computer screens, ceiling fans and other movements of no interest) Prevents false triggering.
  • Schedule Recording – Allows for recording to be made only during time periods of interest.
  • Windows Export Utility – Automatically exports card contents onto CD as: backup, JPEG image, or AVI files for playback on windows media player.


No Need to hassle with complicated camera and VCR wiring or wireless cameras that transmit your images all over the neighborhood!

The Memo-Cam electrical box (digital video recorder) is completely self contained, totally secure, and easy to use. It’s an actual “high voltage” main lug electrical load center, but hidden inside is a B&W low light or COLOR high resolution camera and motion activated DVR! All you do is touch the “Arm” button on the convenient wireless remote control. The unit will beep once to verify command and quality black & white or color video recording will begin the instant motion is detected and will continue until 15 seconds after motion ceases.

When you are ready to review your video images, simply press the “disarm” command on the remote control and remove the “postage stamp size” SD card from it’s hidden compartment. To playback images, an included SD card reader connects to the USB port of your computer or laptop. Install the card, click on the SD Icon and a complete list of images, including time and date stamp will appear on your screen.

“Click” on any image and the video stream will play from that point on. You can even speed up, slow down, or “ZOOM IN” during playback. You can save the card or download your images to CD, hard drive, Zip, or any other media of your choice. SD card can be quickly erased and reused again and again.

User options can be easily changed via the SD card reader and your computer. Images can be recorded as fast as 10 frames per second (fps),or as slow as 1 frame per minute. Record duration after detected motion is also user programmable.

Included 2GB SD card will record 192,000 images. System includes: Camera/DVR, SD card reader with USB cable and software, 2GB SD card, extra batteries, and complete easy to understand instruction book and software. Everything you need to start using instantly.

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