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Covert Motion Detector Camera

A motion detector hidden camera can be just what the situation calls for when covert monitoring is required.   These hidden cameras can be used just about anywhere and provide a remarkably good digital video image.   There are a few different types of motion detector hidden cameras and in the following article will take […]

Hidden Camera DVR

Necklace spy hidden camera dvr a high-tech Product, just meets a plenty of needs of people and market. It possesses a series of advanced functions including digital photography, voice memory, high speed USB data transferring and USB charging. The Tissue Box Hidden Camera DVR True CCD : This camera masquerades as a tissue box. Inside, […]

Camera Hidden

Picking a hidden camera depends on your end need. Are you looking to protect your home with a hidden camera home system? Then you may want cameras that are hidden in everyday household item such as computer speaker cameras or our clock radio hidden cameras, or perhaps the mantle clock camera. If you are considering […]

Advanced Hidden Camera Gadgets Extend Range To 2500 Feet and Operate In Low Light Conditions

There are many cheap hidden cameras you can buy from China and other countries but it’s hard finding a hidden camera that is capable of transmitting hidden camera surveillance video and greater distance and able to operate under extreme low light condition. However, there is a group of every day hidden camera ordinary looking gadgets that not […]

Hidden Camera Disguised As A Down View Smoke Detector

This is a hidden cam disguised as a regular smoke detector. This is a non functional downview smoke detector with built in hidden camera inside looking down. This hidden camera could be used for a business over a cash register, or in a family room where children are playing or anywhere complete covert hidden cam video surveillance is required in a familiar often […]