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Crime Scene Evidence Requires Surveillance Cameras

Law enforcement agencies often lump together all sorts of personnel under the title of crime scene investigator, but for the purposes of this article a crime scene investigator is a sworn peace officer with expertise in collecting and analyzing evidence gathered from crime scenes. An evidence technician is someone who gathers and processes crime scene […]


Do you ever worry about other people driving your vehicle? When handing over your keys to a valet or mechanic, you will know exactly how your vehicle was treated. If your kids drive the car, you can track how they are driving. Dash cams with GPS will even provide the route and speed. We have […]

Best Spy Watch

A spy watch is a good place to put a hidden camera. It is unassuming and almost undetectable. Just about everyone wears a watch and few people will give a watch a second glance. Private detectives and undercover investigative reporting could both put a hidden camera in a watch to good use. Depending on what […]

Electrical Box Camera

Most people don’t take advantage of today’s surveillance systems because they think they’re too difficult to operate. To any ordinary person, it looks like an outdoor electrical box. It even comes with a warning label right on the front that shouts “Danger — High Voltage” to keep the curious away. But open the cover and […]

Two Surefire Ways To Catch Nursing Home Abuse With Hidden Cameras

Nursing home abuse is rampant in today’s society. Elderly patients and the mentally ill do not have a chance in most all of our world wide nursing homes. Many facilities fail to provide the services necessary for patients to avoid physical harm, mental anguish or mental illness. Official investigate nearly 4,500 nursing home abuse cases each year […]

How To Record On DVD With Your Hidden Camera Or Spy Cam

A Hidden Camera Can Be Used for Many Purposes Including Catching Abusing Care Givers, Cheating Spouses, Nosey Landlords, Thieving Roommates, Employee Theft. A covert spy cam or hidden camera can be used to ensure peace of mind and the safety of your family and business.  By using hidden video surveillance camera or spy cam, you can: […]

Why Are Video Surveillance Systems Being Used On School Buses?

Parents are in increasingly asking their school officials throughout the nation to install video surveillance systems to ensure student safety buses their children are riding on. A good example is the Honeywell’s Silent Witness school bus video surveillance solution and which is a major company making video surveillance cameras and monitoring systems that many school districts are using for their […]

Introducing The Mini Wireless Color Spy Camera – Set Of 4

Introducing the World’s Smallest “Truly Wireless” Mini Wireless COLOR Spy Camera – Set Of 4 Remote.  Each camera measuring about the size of a dime, concealing these cameras is not a problem. The transmitter uses the 2,400MHz “switch + phase” circuitry to GUARANTEE no interference from cordless phones. Digital circuitry ensures no lost video from external […]

Worlds Smallest DVR Teams Up With Worlds Smallest Spy Camera

Want to not only monitor your home or business but also record what the camera is viewing? The DVR-P128 is a micro portable digital video recorder that provides you with the ability to record camera video and audio on a SD card. The DVR-P128 ensures you do not miss a sound or voice with its […]

Is This The End Of Bulky Video Surveillance Systems?

Most normal professional video surveillance systems consist of many pieces of equipment including surveillance camera, stand alone computers that have DVR recorders in them and also hard drives, cables. But now professional surveillance systems are getting smaller and more integrate. This article will explain one such video surveillance system. Shown here is the Ultimate 4 […]

Comparing Two Best Spy Camera Mini Video Recorders

There are many recording devices for capturing video from spy cameras for use in video surveillance but in this article we will compare 2 digital video recorders that are ideal for body worn covert surveillance operations or even just for general use at home or business. First there is the world’s smallest digital video recorder. […]

Private Investigator Essential Surveillance Tools

A successful private investigator typically own many different types of investigative tools. These tools are based on the type of assignments he will be working on. Without any doubt, he most important investigative tool is a surveillance friendly vehicle. The most common is a mini-van, however, the best vehicle is one that blends best for the area you are […]