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Spy Eyewear

Spy glasses can be are highly useful while people are walking around in the streets. This helps a person to keep vigil of the surrounding happenings and thus generally safe. Many companies design and produce glasses into the market. Spy glasses quality are just not the same now that they’re made in China instead of […]

Plug In Hidden Camera

I suppose if you put a hidden camera on EVERY politician and heck,I’d say any average citizen(you and me included) it would catch something said that was hypocritical. I could do this very same thing to Obama,Biden,Reid or even republican’s but I’m not,because I know man’s nature. I’m one and I know how my mind […]

How To Stop Construction Site, Parking Lot, Entrance Way Theft

Parking lots can offer a fast and easy getaway for car break-in thieves. It’s happens all the time. Many people who go into stores to enjoy a day of shopping return to the parking lot to find that your vehicle has been broken into. Theft is the most common crime affecting parking lots today. Having […]

Two Surefire Ways To Catch Nursing Home Abuse With Hidden Cameras

Nursing home abuse is rampant in today’s society. Elderly patients and the mentally ill do not have a chance in most all of our world wide nursing homes. Many facilities fail to provide the services necessary for patients to avoid physical harm, mental anguish or mental illness. Official investigate nearly 4,500 nursing home abuse cases each year […]