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How Business Owners Are Losing Up To $18.4 Billion/Yr. Due To Employee Theft!

Employee theft is an unfortunate risk all small business owners have. Employee theft is costing you and your fellow business owners billions of dollars annually. Employee theft is in the billions of dollars. Employee theft is a growing problem that can no longer be swept under the rug. Employee theft is a problem of considerable […]

Camera Detector Reviews

Video Surveillance Equipment represents a multi-billion dollar industry, where millions of Miniature Cameras are sold annually. There are also over 45,000 web sites dedicated to Hidden Cameras and Video Voyeurism. Hidden cameras have become popular for household surveillance, and can be built into common household objects such as smoke detectors, clock radios, motion detectors, ball […]

What are the Best Outdoor Surveillance Cameras for Home?

Professionals will argue about the effectiveness of the following outdoor lighting products below. But several will enhance the security rating of your home for certain and may reduce your house insurance. Floodlights or Spotlights Porch Lights Bulkhead Lights Wall Lights PIR Lights or PIR Sensors Timers. A new twist on an old favorite, this HomeSpy LED […]

What Are Uses For Portable Video Surveillance Equipment?

Most large corporations have video surveillance cameras planted all over there stores and a whole security staff that watch the store and people looking for possible theft incidents and fraudulent activity. They position the cameras is very discrete locations so that they blend in with the decor of the store or warehouse. Very few people […]

Why Are Schools Are Buying Video Surveillance Equipment?

Incidents at a Middle School buildings during the last two years have seen cars being stolen, a car being vandalized and several break-ins at the middle school. Now, the school has experienced a bomb threat that was a careless action which affected hundreds of individuals along with their families that day. School officials determined that if video surveillance cameras were in […]

Video Surveillance Equipment At Work

A couple of weeks ago one of our professional video surveillance systems was installed a in a restaurant. This past weekend the restaurant was robbed. Here is what the robber looked like  will be able to see some of the video captured by our surveillance system. The recently installed the CS-DVR8CH – 8 Channel Wired Video Surveillance System […]