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Tactical Flashlight With Camera

In today’s post we’re not talking about just any old flashlight. We’re talking about tactical flashlights. What makes a flashlight tactical? A tactical flashlight is simply a flashlight that’s been designed for tactical (i.e. military or police) use. Many tactical flashlights are designed to be mounted to a weapon for low-light shooting. They’re typically smaller […]

Who Else Wants A Infrared Camcorder Flashlight w/2" LED Screen ?

Unfortunately, the low/lux infrared camcorder that were so popular with investigators is now obsolete and has been replaced by low-light digital technology that is unsuitable for total darkness. The infrared technology is now only available in the more expensive hard drive camcorders. Shooting in the dark is challenging to say the least. The more that […]

Spy Ball

Physically, Spy Ball is essentially a wireless network camera on a two-wheel base. Using the latest wireless and video technology, the streaming video and audio (not done at the same time) from the camera is sent back to a computer and displayed on the user’s hand held game console or a home PC.   Additionally, […]

7 Smallest Spy Cameras

There are many different kinds of Video Recording Systems that happen to be utilized for several safety measures. Mini camsticks are as tiny as your thumb and can record clear videos even in low illumination. These one-touch recording camsticks have made spying a piece of cake. These miniscule cameras are ideal for spy surveillance. Here […]

How To Find A Spy Cam With Video & Audio Surveillance

Spy cameras in general are not allowed by the law for the fact that it is not legal to tape someone’s conversations without prior consent. But parents, children and even private investigators need to have both recorded video and audio when doing surveillance investigations. Here are some good reasons what you would want audio. Nail […]