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Who Wants The Smallest Spy Camera ?

Selecting the small spy camera to suit your particular needs may become mind boggling. There are so many choices. Many spy shops and online spy supply sites offer mini wireless cameras, wireless hidden cameras, cameras hidden in clocks and a variety of wristwatch cameras, pen cameras and eyeglass cameras. There are still/digital video combinations as […]

Who Else Wants A Mouse Covert Hidden Camera DVR ?

Today’s covert spy cameras aren’t your father’s hidden cameras. Today’s spy cams are sleek, stylish, and most importantly, practically undetectable to even the most discerning eye. Gone are the days when high-tech, discreet spy cameras were only fantasies you saw on the silver screen. Now, you can have all the surveillance, security and peace of […]

Spy Camera Glasses

The many spy cameras available today are not only used by the army, private investigators and even normal households have found ways of making use of their amazing technology. The private investigator obviously has many needs for the spy equipment. Their job is nearly always to be inconspicuous to their subject, the spy cameras tiny […]

7 Smallest Spy Cameras

There are many different kinds of Video Recording Systems that happen to be utilized for several safety measures. Mini camsticks are as tiny as your thumb and can record clear videos even in low illumination. These one-touch recording camsticks have made spying a piece of cake. These miniscule cameras are ideal for spy surveillance. Here […]

Spy Using Cell Phone

About a brief history of spy cameras – the advancement of spy watch cameras is relatively exciting and intriguing. With the first super camera that worked using dry plate process making, its appearance in last few decades of nineteenth century. In the early decades of twentieth century, various cameras were launched together with Ansco Memo […]

Who Else Wants Spy Cameras for Bathrooms?

The sprinkler hidden camera appears exactly similar to a sprinkler but instead carries a pinhole camera lens which allows you to view any situation that is happening beneath the camera. Spy video camera deployment is not complex when setting up a Smoke Detector Camera. Excellent for viewing images in a house or office without allowing […]

Using A Spy Cam To Prevent Teenage Drinking Driving

Drunken driving kills about 17,000 people a year. Often courts order repeat DUI offenders to install car breathalyzers. Drunk driving is against the law in all states! The penalties for driving under the influence, are: loss of your driving privilege, prison, monetary fines, and one’s insurance carrier could cancel one’s insurance. Alcohol is involved in […]

How To Find A Spy Cam With Video & Audio Surveillance

Spy cameras in general are not allowed by the law for the fact that it is not legal to tape someone’s conversations without prior consent. But parents, children and even private investigators need to have both recorded video and audio when doing surveillance investigations. Here are some good reasons what you would want audio. Nail […]

Recording Video Surveillance With Hidden Cameras Or Mini Spy Cameras Within A Budget!

Lets face it, recording professional video surveillance can be costly for home owners or small business orders. But now the is a way to get a low cost video surveillance setup for a small business or home at a fairly low cost. The Standard 4 Camera DVR w/ 200GB HDD DVR offers a great combination […]

Network Cameras vs Hidden Spy Cameras

Network cameras function like computers on your business IP network, moving video around just like email. They reflect a very fast growing market especially since many companies  and small businesses are fully wired for Internet access across their premises, and are steadily replacing the traditional cameras like CCTV that are connected using coaxial cable or specialty wiring. […]

How To Connect Your PC To Your Wireless Spy Camera

Many people buy their spy cameras and just monitor the covert surveillance video through their TV or connection it into an out of date VCR, but you can use your computer to monitor the video and audio of your wireless spy camera. All You Need is a USB 2.0 Device that connects to the receiver end of […]

How Spy Cameras Can Save Businesses Money

Businesses large and small can benefit financially from buy and installing Hidden Spy Cameras in their shops. The technology of video surveillance is constantly evolving and can be expensive for both retailers and law enforcement. Some businesses opt for low-quality or no security systems because of the cost and hassle of buying and maintaining them. […]