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The Secret of Wilife-LukWerks Pro Video Surveillance Camera System

The WiLife Pro Video Security System is the world’s first fully-integrated, turnkey, professional digital video security system. WiLife Pro seamlessly integrates WiLife-engineered components that include High-performance WiLife IP Cameras, feature-rich Windows-based Command Center software, and robust Internet remote access. Using powered Ethernet and plug-and-play camera discovery, it also offers the world’s easiest set-up and most […]

New IP Video Surveillance Camera System Eliminates Expensive Standalone DVR

Surveillance is starting to hit its stride in the mass marketplace, thanks to true wireless plug-and-play IP-based systems that are extremely easy to setup, and cost in the hundreds of dollars rather than thousands. Legacy CCTV systems are largely made up of closed proprietary technology that is difficult to manage and share with law enforcement […]