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5 Reasons Why A Garage Surveillance Camera Is Important

Outdoor surveillance cameras in parking lots can help protect older students and staff when leaving school late or arriving early. These cameras can also discourage break-ins and vandalism during school hours. Parking garage surveillance footage helped police identify Pursell as the driver, court records say. When authorities arrived at his home at about 3 a. […]

3 Reasons Why You Need Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Outdoor surveillance cameras have several purposes. You can use them to monitor your home for possible intruders or to observe activities in playgrounds, backyard swimming pools and front doors. When purchasing an outdoor surveillance system for whatever purpose, there are a few common features to look for. Outdoor surveillance cameras face different problems than indoor […]

Covert Surveillance

Covert surveillance equipment is no longer a tool of secret agent films, the FBI, and other government organizations. Throughout the digital revolution, the main driving forces have always been decrease in size accompanies by decrease in price, and today these tools are within the reach of the ordinary citizen. It is legally manufactured by many […]

Fake Video Surveillance Cameras

Security is more perception than reality. Installing fake video surveillance cameras (nothing works but a red blinking light) is often just as effective as installing the real ones. While security camera technology has improved considerably due to computer harddrives and the internet, getting a clear enough image to decipher license plates and to ID intruders […]

What Surveillance Gadgets Pinned Rod Blagojevich?

Blagojevich being caught off-guard when he was asked where Rochester’s grant money was. The clip continues past that, with Gov. Blagojevich evidently assumed that he was King of Illinois and did Barrack Obama recently vacate trying to literally sell the Senate seat. According to Illinois law, the governor determines who fills the seat, and Blagojevich […]

How To Prevent Crime Using Surveillance

Video, audio and Internet surveillance equipment truly amazes with its boundless capability. You can maintain security and prevent crime at your work place or home; you can keep an eye on a cheating spouse or your not so professional employee; you can even get access to a very personal information like email passwords and confidential […]

How Restaurant Owners Can Stop Theft With Video Surveillance Cameras

It’s a fact that 85% of all Bars and restaurants robberies and thefts are inside jobs done by employees working in the restaurant. As in any mainly cash and carry business, there is always the temptation for most of your employees to help themselves to the till. Most bars and restaurants have a big turnover of employees that are mainly teenagers […]

How To Upgrade Your LukWerks Video Surveillance Cameras

If you own the LukWerk Indoor, Outdoor, Spy Camera or Hidden Cameras and own version 1.x and want to upgrade to version 2.0 this detailed article will tell you how to do it screen by screen. To begin with version 2.0 of the WiLife Command Center contains many enhancements that many ordinary surveillance cameras not […]

4 Wireless Spy Cam Problems

In this day of wireless cell phones and security very few people know that having a hardwired Internet connection to a computer is a lot more reliable and secure that a wireless one. One camera system out there that is even better than wireless and is just as secure as a hardwire connection (but is not […]

New Technologies Make Video Surveillance Cameras More Powerful And Easier To Use

Security cameras are a fact of life in today’s world. They’re everywhere — at the bank, in your employer’s office building, in stores, on streets, and in parking lots. Your opinion of security cameras is likely to depend on your personal experience with them. For many, security cameras conjures up images of the time their […]

Differences Between LukWerK Hidden Camera & Other Hidden Cameras

There are many hidden cameras in the video surveillance market today but there is a new kind of hidden camera that not only has a hidden camera inside of it but also a small computer that does all the video processing. World’s First Ever Networked Hidden Spy Camera The spy camera masquerades as a sleek, […]

What’s In LukWerks Video Surveillance Camera System V2.0?

It does not matter if you own a restaurant or a convenience store; or a professional office or a small kiosk at a mall. The value of having a Video Surveillance Camera System monitoring your business property is a must in todays world of employee theft and vandalism. LukWerks Video Surveillance Camera Systems provides a business security surveillance […]

What Is The Need For Church Video Surveillance?

Security is being beefed up in nearly all areas of world. Security measures in any public place cannot be taken lightly as we still have bitter memories of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and church video surveillance is no exception. Any time you have a place where large groups of church goers, special attention must be in place […]

What Technologies Does LukWerks Video Surveillance Systems Use?

The latest rage in video surveillance equipment is the surveillance equipment designed by a company called LukWerks. They use 3 unique technologies to give them the power and versatility that is taking the surveillance world by storm. This article discusses these technologies to find out how these latest surveillance cameras “tick”. Security Camera Powerline Networking […]

Why Restaurant Owners Need Video Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance experts see food as the next big industry to become camera-ready, as restaurateurs take advantage of falling prices for technology to combat rising levels of theft. “Food service is one of our most booming industries,” said Glenn Freiboth, president of GLC Enterprises, a surveillance equipment company based in Naperville, Ill. “It seems that the restaurant […]

Are Video Surveillance Cameras Going To Be Mandatory In Chicago?

There is an ordinance that is trying to get passed to mandate Chicago area businesses that are open between the hours of 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. will require them to install indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras to fight crime. According to Ald. Ray Suarez (31st) instead of every licensed business open more than 12 hours a […]

How To Buy Video Surveillance System With Free Remote Viewing, Email and Cell Phone Alerts

There are a variety of surveillance and security systems available on the market. In all, the user who will most benefit from the LukWerks experience is the user who does not want to pay for an expensive system, monthly security fees or false alarm fees. They want a system that allows them to manage their property themselves. […]

How An Easy Setup Video Surveillance Spy Camera Stopped Crime

We bought the Indoor Easy Setup Video Surveillance Camera System after our home in was broken in to. The You Tube video snippet is from our spy camera which is positioned out over our front door and drive way. We live in a Houston suburban neighborhood with breaking and entering problem and the teens in the You Tube video below […]

Introducing The Most Powerful Video Surveillance Systems For Church, Home or Business

LukWerks Video Surveillance Starter Kits include all the components for a full-featured, single camera system. Each starter kit includes a smart Luk Camera, powerful Surveillance Software, Homeplug USB Receiver and Remote Viewing Technology. Built using Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), LukWerks automatically connects your smart security cameras and PC. Get started with the most flexible surveillance starter […]

Practical Uses For Mini Spy Camera Portable Recorders

This professional Mini Spy Camera with Portable Recorder is very helpful in nailing down witnesses who like to change their stories once they are in a deposition or on the stand. Many large chain stores have the best video surveillance cameras located in their stores and a complete security staff that watch the store and people looking for possible theft […]

What Are Uses For Portable Video Surveillance Equipment?

Most large corporations have video surveillance cameras planted all over there stores and a whole security staff that watch the store and people looking for possible theft incidents and fraudulent activity. They position the cameras is very discrete locations so that they blend in with the decor of the store or warehouse. Very few people […]

Why Are Video Surveillance Systems Being Used On School Buses?

Parents are in increasingly asking their school officials throughout the nation to install video surveillance systems to ensure student safety buses their children are riding on. A good example is the Honeywell’s Silent Witness school bus video surveillance solution and which is a major company making video surveillance cameras and monitoring systems that many school districts are using for their […]

Why Are Schools Are Buying Video Surveillance Equipment?

Incidents at a Middle School buildings during the last two years have seen cars being stolen, a car being vandalized and several break-ins at the middle school. Now, the school has experienced a bomb threat that was a careless action which affected hundreds of individuals along with their families that day. School officials determined that if video surveillance cameras were in […]