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Who Else Want’s Hi-Definition Hidden Camera Video ?

Hidden cameras are a prevalent part of everyday life and can be used for a number of situations, both professionally and personally. Buyers interested in purchasing hidden cameras for at-home use should first understand how they work, as well as their various uses and endless disguises. Once buyers have a grasp on the basics, they […]

6 Best Hidden Camera Locations For Business

Along with a video security system, hidden cameras provide an additional form of security for any company. Companies depend on hidden cameras to enhance a pre-existing video security system and monitor staff behavior, prevent criminal damage and thievery, and improve overall basic safety. There are a variety of camera locations that are beneficial for providing […]

Covert Motion Detector Camera

A motion detector hidden camera can be just what the situation calls for when covert monitoring is required.   These hidden cameras can be used just about anywhere and provide a remarkably good digital video image.   There are a few different types of motion detector hidden cameras and in the following article will take […]

Camera Hidden

Picking a hidden camera depends on your end need. Are you looking to protect your home with a hidden camera home system? Then you may want cameras that are hidden in everyday household item such as computer speaker cameras or our clock radio hidden cameras, or perhaps the mantle clock camera. If you are considering […]

Bed Room Hidden Camera

In todays day and age, no price can be put on having peace of mind. Whether you’re looking to protect your home or your business, our surveillance systems will you to always keep a watchful eye on your family and your investments. The most favored and effective covert cameras commonly look like the most harmless […]

Nanny Cameras for Home

Nanny cameras give parents this peace by capturing the details of what happens while they are away from their kids. Hidden cameras let you secretly monitor or record activity at your home or business. A hidden nanny camera can be used to know what your childcare provider is up to while you are away. These […]

Camera Detector Reviews

Video Surveillance Equipment represents a multi-billion dollar industry, where millions of Miniature Cameras are sold annually. There are also over 45,000 web sites dedicated to Hidden Cameras and Video Voyeurism. Hidden cameras have become popular for household surveillance, and can be built into common household objects such as smoke detectors, clock radios, motion detectors, ball […]

How the Hidden Clock Camera Can Be Used to Catch a Abusive Caregiver

Hidden cameras are extremely simple to hide because of the reality the fundamental unit is usually absolutely nothing much more than a CCD (Cost Coupled Gadget) board camera”. Concealed cameras are particularly helpful within the workplace for many different factors. Concealed cameras or nanny cams are turning into much more and much more well-liked simply […]

How Using the XtremeLife Electrical Box Hidden Camera Will Reduce Retail Store Theft

Retail Thievery happens to be an ever-increasing issue which diminishes local retail stores profits and raises costs for local customers. Retail Robbery happens when an individual illegitimately lift goods from a retailer with the intentions to deprive the seller in the goods along with a financial benefit. Retail theft costed $37 billion last yr, up from […]

Who Else Wants a Battery Operated Thermally Motion Activated Teddy Bear Hidden Camera?

Hidden cameras are an important source of evidence collection and are most sought after by people involved in spy work or detective services. Hidden cameras are ubiquitous and are found anywhere these days from airports and train stations to elevators in apartment buildings. Hidden cameras are also used in business establishments of all sizes, especially […]

Why Economic Recession Will Force More Businesses Into Bankruptcy

Are you aware that most employees are the greatest culprits of profit loss in most business especially the ones who are getting their hours cut due to the severe economic recession/depression. Many savvy employees are very knowledgeable on how their employer’s business functions day in and day out. Employees can steal data or goods and sell them […]

How To Get A Hi-Tech Video Surveillance System For Your Hidden Camera

So you’ve bought a hidden camera and it comes with a wireless receiver or plug and play (RCA cables) to connect directly to your TV, VCR or DVD recorder and you want other features like motion sensing detection, remote access, cell phone or e-mail alerts. Hidden Cameras do not come with this out of the […]

How Total Covert Hidden Camera Helps Catch Nursing Home Abuse

There have been numerous reports over the years of nursing home abuses, and there have been Congressional investigations into this abuse. Nursing homes are often understaffed, and sometimes staffed with unqualified or under-qualified caregivers. True but sad there is a lot of abuse in our nursing homes and I for one would never send my […]

4 Hidden Cameras: How To Get Free Real Time Remote Video Surveillance

This article will show you that it is possible to get real time split screen video surveillance for four hidden cameras. It is possible to use more hidden cameras but four is generally required by most home or small business owners to satisfy their covert surveillance needs. To start with you need some minor hardware […]

Who Else Wants Hidden Camera Video Surveillance Over The Internet?

Most of know that a hidden camera allows you to tape or record on a DVR hidden camera surveillance to watch your cheating spouse, watch for caregiver abuse, watching your kids to see what their getting into, thieving roommates and employee theft. But many times you want to see in real time what your hidden […]

How To Prevent Construction Site Theft With A Hidden Camera

Theft of construction equipment is a growing problem involving theft of job site throughout the nation, which is estimated to cost construction equipment owners approximately $1 billion annually. Inadequate site security, lack of standardized product identification numbers and easy to access cabs all make construction equipment an easy mark for thieves who are often part of organized crime […]

Two Surefire Ways To Catch Nursing Home Abuse With Hidden Cameras

Nursing home abuse is rampant in today’s society. Elderly patients and the mentally ill do not have a chance in most all of our world wide nursing homes. Many facilities fail to provide the services necessary for patients to avoid physical harm, mental anguish or mental illness. Official investigate nearly 4,500 nursing home abuse cases each year […]

Who Else Wants A Hidden Camera With PTZ: Pan-Tilt-Zoom?

PTZ enabled security cameras refers to cameras that can Pan, Tilt and Zoom. These type of cameras have been around for years now. Gone are the days of stationary black and white cameras unable to follow the action. Today’s PTZ solutions can pan, tilt and zoom in on an incident or take in an entire […]

Advanced Hidden Camera Gadgets Extend Range To 2500 Feet and Operate In Low Light Conditions

There are many cheap hidden cameras you can buy from China and other countries but it’s hard finding a hidden camera that is capable of transmitting hidden camera surveillance video and greater distance and able to operate under extreme low light condition. However, there is a group of every day hidden camera ordinary looking gadgets that not […]

Differences Between LukWerK Hidden Camera & Other Hidden Cameras

There are many hidden cameras in the video surveillance market today but there is a new kind of hidden camera that not only has a hidden camera inside of it but also a small computer that does all the video processing. World’s First Ever Networked Hidden Spy Camera The spy camera masquerades as a sleek, […]

Hidden Camera With Professional Portable DVR Receiver Recorder

These 2 most popular hidden camera devices are covertly disguised as a Sony Alarm Clock or Air Freshener you would see in any typical home, apartment or business. And now for the first time combined with a Professional Recorder / Receiver Hidden Camera Bundle for your most covert hidden camera surveillance operations! HC-ALARC-GC Alarm Clock Wireless Color […]

How To Add Portability To Your Hidden Camera

A Hidden Camera Can Be Used for Many Purposes Including Catching Abusing Care Givers(a.k.a Nanny’s), Cheating Spouses, Prying Landlords, Thieving Roommates, Employee’s stealing from the cash register. How do hidden cameras work? There is a small board camera is built into an everyday item. The camera can be wired which means it is connected to the DVR […]

Recording Video Surveillance With Hidden Cameras Or Mini Spy Cameras Within A Budget!

Lets face it, recording professional video surveillance can be costly for home owners or small business orders. But now the is a way to get a low cost video surveillance setup for a small business or home at a fairly low cost. The Standard 4 Camera DVR w/ 200GB HDD DVR offers a great combination […]