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Use Of Security Cameras In A Business

IP-based business surveillance solutions offer versatile security, superior picture quality, remote accessibility/monitoring, unlimited scalability and equipment affordability that prohibited SMBs from implementing them in the past. Internal and external cases of theft can compromise the profitability of your business. Placing business surveillance cameras throughout your store or building will aid in deterring employees and customers […]

5 Reasons Why A Garage Surveillance Camera Is Important

Outdoor surveillance cameras in parking lots can help protect older students and staff when leaving school late or arriving early. These cameras can also discourage break-ins and vandalism during school hours. Parking garage surveillance footage helped police identify Pursell as the driver, court records say. When authorities arrived at his home at about 3 a. […]

How To Prove Organized Retail Theft Crimes

Organized retail theft has been rampant over the years and is increasingly becoming a threat to the global retailers. Security agencies have developed several tools to tackle the problems that arise due to a weak tracking system in a retail outlet. By making optimal use of security devices, retailers can keep a tab on shrinkage […]

Crime Scene Evidence Requires Surveillance Cameras

Law enforcement agencies often lump together all sorts of personnel under the title of crime scene investigator, but for the purposes of this article a crime scene investigator is a sworn peace officer with expertise in collecting and analyzing evidence gathered from crime scenes. An evidence technician is someone who gathers and processes crime scene […]

What are the Best Outdoor Surveillance Cameras for Home?

Professionals will argue about the effectiveness of the following outdoor lighting products below. But several will enhance the security rating of your home for certain and may reduce your house insurance. Floodlights or Spotlights Porch Lights Bulkhead Lights Wall Lights PIR Lights or PIR Sensors Timers. A new twist on an old favorite, this HomeSpy LED […]

Why Robbers Love the Holidays and Why You Need Surveillance Cameras!

Almost each and every law enforcement agency warns of increased crime during the holidays, and rightfully so! The FBI reports that nearly 400,000 burglaries occur during November and December on your own. Of these 400,000, single family houses are probably the most regular victims. Did you know that 70% of burglars are amateurs, just trying […]

How To Prevent Crime Using Surveillance

Video, audio and Internet surveillance equipment truly amazes with its boundless capability. You can maintain security and prevent crime at your work place or home; you can keep an eye on a cheating spouse or your not so professional employee; you can even get access to a very personal information like email passwords and confidential […]

Why US Financial Crises Will Increase Crime & Video Surveillance?

As the World Economy falters, crime goes up. Since not even the best law enforcement agency in the US can prevent drugs from infiltrating society, population increases or economic woes, you have to realize nothing can prevent crime from happening. Economic instability can causes people to become afraid, which in turn causes them to look […]

Why Businesses Need Surveillance Cameras: Combat Employee Theft

Employee theft is one of the most pervasive problems faced by businesses today, and it continues to escalate at an estimated rate of 15 percent per year. This volume presents the first full-length guide to the alternatives available to companies seeking to reduce both the actual theft of tangible property and the profits lost through […]

Who Else Wants A Church Surveillance Camera System?

Church surveillance by police serves not only to protect public order or, to be more precise, public order includes a ban on church attendance for those who are not legally Christian. Church surveillance cameras have been gaining popularity recently, especially those that use IP video technology. Surveillance cameras can give congregations like Ahavath Beth Israel […]

Campus Shootings Leave Clues Why More Surveillance Cameras Are Needed!

With our freedom comes a price to pay. Any student maniac killer can walk around free and choose to gun down innocent students or teachers without remorse and now it’s happened again.  Still, the freer environment of campuses also can pose security risks, said Ron Stephens, director of the National School Safety Center in California. […]

How To Cut Construction Theft Using A Professional Portable Surveillance Camera System

Construction theft is literally and figuratively big business. Construction theft is widespread and nothing new. Builders often start jobs figuring that they will end up a few saws or many two-by-fours short. Construction theft is really big business that even rivals illegal mafia businesses. Construction theft may be a cost of doing business, but owners can take steps […]

How To Install A 4 Camera Outdoor Video Surveillance System

Most common home and office installations involve up to 4 cameras for outdoor surveillance. One in the front, back and sides of the house or business. That will give you enough coverage to see most all of your properties. Here are some of the most common features that are desired by home owners and business owners […]

How To Stop Construction Site, Parking Lot, Entrance Way Theft

Parking lots can offer a fast and easy getaway for car break-in thieves. It’s happens all the time. Many people who go into stores to enjoy a day of shopping return to the parking lot to find that your vehicle has been broken into. Theft is the most common crime affecting parking lots today. Having […]

How To Upgrade Your LukWerks Video Surveillance Cameras

If you own the LukWerk Indoor, Outdoor, Spy Camera or Hidden Cameras and own version 1.x and want to upgrade to version 2.0 this detailed article will tell you how to do it screen by screen. To begin with version 2.0 of the WiLife Command Center contains many enhancements that many ordinary surveillance cameras not […]

Why A Church Video Surveillance System Is Needed to Protect Our Ministries!

Church officials and parishioners alike should take a stand and have video surveillance systems in their churches immediately. In the beautiful town of Naperville(2’nd Best Place to Live accoring to Money Magazine), the home of GLC Enterprises, who sell of high quality video surveillance products, several churches and subdivisions have been struck by vandals. Holy Catholic […]

Are Video Surveillance Cameras Going To Be Mandatory In Chicago?

There is an ordinance that is trying to get passed to mandate Chicago area businesses that are open between the hours of 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. will require them to install indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras to fight crime. According to Ald. Ray Suarez (31st) instead of every licensed business open more than 12 hours a […]

Powerful Werks Video Surveillance Software For Indoor/Outdoor & Spy Surveillance Cameras

This article explains just a few of the main features of the powerful video surveillance software that comes with the Indoor, Outdoor or Spy Camera Digital Video Surveillance System. Werks provides a powerful-but-simple interface for managing cameras, recording video, tracking alerts, and configuring remote viewing. Once you learn a few of the basic elements, most […]

Introducing The Smallest Mini Pocket DVR For Private Investigators

Private Investigators use a variety of Spy Equipment in there investigations and typically use button cameras, hat cameras, screw cameras and a large variety of other hidden recording cameras. These cameras typically transmit there video to recorders that are small enough to fit into a purse or jacket. But now there is a portable video recorder […]

Practical Uses For Mini Spy Camera Portable Recorders

This professional Mini Spy Camera with Portable Recorder is very helpful in nailing down witnesses who like to change their stories once they are in a deposition or on the stand. Many large chain stores have the best video surveillance cameras located in their stores and a complete security staff that watch the store and people looking for possible theft […]

What Are Uses For Portable Video Surveillance Equipment?

Most large corporations have video surveillance cameras planted all over there stores and a whole security staff that watch the store and people looking for possible theft incidents and fraudulent activity. They position the cameras is very discrete locations so that they blend in with the decor of the store or warehouse. Very few people […]

How To Choose The Right Surveillance Camera System

Surveillance Cameras come in all shapes and size and how to use them and connect them can be hard thing to understand. Factors to consider when considering buy a surveillance camera are described in this article. General things to ask yourself: Should I buy Wireless or Wired surveillance cameras? Wireless is much easier to install […]

Surveillance Camera Basics For Business Owners

Surveillance cameras can be a business owner’s 24 hour policeman always watching out for your best interests. They allow you to keep an eagle eye on your business when you can’t be there and help you know exactly what’s may be going on while away from your location. Today’s newer digital systems can record images directly to Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), they capture […]