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How the Hidden Clock Camera Can Be Used to Catch a Abusive Caregiver

Hidden cameras are extremely simple to hide because of the reality the fundamental unit is usually absolutely nothing much more than a CCD (Cost Coupled Gadget) board camera”. Concealed cameras are particularly helpful within the workplace for many different factors. Concealed cameras or nanny cams are turning into much more and much more well-liked simply […]

How Using the XtremeLife Electrical Box Hidden Camera Will Reduce Retail Store Theft

Retail Thievery happens to be an ever-increasing issue which diminishes local retail stores profits and raises costs for local customers. Retail Robbery happens when an individual illegitimately lift goods from a retailer with the intentions to deprive the seller in the goods along with a financial benefit. Retail theft costed $37 billion last yr, up from […]

How To Catch Your Cheating Wife With A Hidden Camera

Infidelity is complicated and individual. The indications of the infidelity companion are at times really subtle and tough to recognize. Infidelity in relationship is possibly probably the most traumatic expertise that may befall any spouse. The discomfort, anger, harm, sadness and disappointment could be soul destroying. Infidelity develops in levels. In nearly each situation, you […]

Why Employers Need A Hidden Camera To Watch Their Drivers

Employees driving ambulances, fire trucks, police squads and snow plow drivers can gain valuable experience with reality based equipment in a variety of conditions while not being put in harms way. Simulations can include the weather conditions (snow, fog, rain, ice, wind, etc., vehicle problems (blown tire, brake failure, etc) or time of day scenarios. […]

Who Else Wants a Battery Operated Thermally Motion Activated Teddy Bear Hidden Camera?

Hidden cameras are an important source of evidence collection and are most sought after by people involved in spy work or detective services. Hidden cameras are ubiquitous and are found anywhere these days from airports and train stations to elevators in apartment buildings. Hidden cameras are also used in business establishments of all sizes, especially […]

What Surveillance Gadgets Pinned Rod Blagojevich?

Blagojevich being caught off-guard when he was asked where Rochester’s grant money was. The clip continues past that, with Gov. Blagojevich evidently assumed that he was King of Illinois and did Barrack Obama recently vacate trying to literally sell the Senate seat. According to Illinois law, the governor determines who fills the seat, and Blagojevich […]

How To Get A Hi-Tech Video Surveillance System For Your Hidden Camera

So you’ve bought a hidden camera and it comes with a wireless receiver or plug and play (RCA cables) to connect directly to your TV, VCR or DVD recorder and you want other features like motion sensing detection, remote access, cell phone or e-mail alerts. Hidden Cameras do not come with this out of the […]

How Total Covert Hidden Camera Helps Catch Nursing Home Abuse

There have been numerous reports over the years of nursing home abuses, and there have been Congressional investigations into this abuse. Nursing homes are often understaffed, and sometimes staffed with unqualified or under-qualified caregivers. True but sad there is a lot of abuse in our nursing homes and I for one would never send my […]

Who Else Wants To Watch Their Cheating Wife Using iPhone Compatible Hidden Camera

The iPhone is all the rage these days in terms of viewing the Internet with a mobile device. While there are many things you can do with your iPhone I’ll bet no one ever thought of using your iPhone to try and catch your cheating wife having an affair! Cheating is happening all the time these days. […]

How Construction Equipment Theft Can Be Reduced With Hidden Cameras

Construction thieves are now favoring fine steel appliances. Construction thieves stole a high end Sub Zero stainless steel refrigerator valued at around $6,000 just before realtors were about to show the house in Elmhurst, Il. On top of that, the floors and the door frames were marred and scratched badly. Construction theft is literally and […]

How To Install A Sprinkler Head Hidden Camera

Many times it’s necessary to have a portable hidden camera to move around from room to room but sometimes it’s necessary to have a totally covert hidden camera system that is somewhat fixed and is not detectable by employees. Businesses like restaurants or offices that need to see if employees are really working and not […]

Who Else Wants Hidden Camera Video Surveillance Over The Internet?

Most of know that a hidden camera allows you to tape or record on a DVR hidden camera surveillance to watch your cheating spouse, watch for caregiver abuse, watching your kids to see what their getting into, thieving roommates and employee theft. But many times you want to see in real time what your hidden […]

How To Prevent Construction Site Theft With A Hidden Camera

Theft of construction equipment is a growing problem involving theft of job site throughout the nation, which is estimated to cost construction equipment owners approximately $1 billion annually. Inadequate site security, lack of standardized product identification numbers and easy to access cabs all make construction equipment an easy mark for thieves who are often part of organized crime […]

How To Catch Construction Site Theft Using A Hidden Camera

Construction theft is really big business that even rivals illegal mafia businesses. Industry experts in the insurance business estimate annual losses at roughly $1 billion in equipment theft and vandalism. Contractors, equipment dealers, insurance companies, equipment manufacturers are all at a loss when job sites are vandalized or equipment and materials are ripped-off. The phenomenon of theft and vandalism of […]

Who Else Wants A Hidden Camera With PTZ: Pan-Tilt-Zoom?

PTZ enabled security cameras refers to cameras that can Pan, Tilt and Zoom. These type of cameras have been around for years now. Gone are the days of stationary black and white cameras unable to follow the action. Today’s PTZ solutions can pan, tilt and zoom in on an incident or take in an entire […]

How Can A Hidden Camera Air Purifier Send Surveillance Video Over The Internet?

There are many hidden cameras out there that you can setup to record hidden surveillance video on your VCR or DVD recorder or just watch directly on your TV but many times you need to watch what’s going on at your work PC or in an location with a Internet hot spot. You may need […]

Hidden Camera Hiding In An Ordinary Wall Clock

Just an ordinary clock? Not really. It’s a hidden camera placed in an ordinary kitchen or living room clock. This is a standard wall clock with built in hidden camera on the inside. This hidden camera could be used for many home or business application as this just looks like a ordinary clock and nothing special. Concealed within this ordinary clock is […]

How To Set Up A Hidden Camera For Motion Detection Recording

6 Reasons to set up a motion activated Hidden Camera video recordings  Maybe you live in a questionable (at best) part of East New York and you’ve already been broken into (while you were doing the dishes). It would be helpful next time to have pictures of the intruder to send to the police. Maybe you’re trying to prove […]

Advanced Hidden Camera Gadgets Extend Range To 2500 Feet and Operate In Low Light Conditions

There are many cheap hidden cameras you can buy from China and other countries but it’s hard finding a hidden camera that is capable of transmitting hidden camera surveillance video and greater distance and able to operate under extreme low light condition. However, there is a group of every day hidden camera ordinary looking gadgets that not […]

Hidden Camera Masquerading As A Briefcase

This is a hidden cam masquerading as a James Bond 007 style brief case. This is a standard business style briefcase with built in hidden camera on the inside. This hidden camera could be used for many covert business like surveillance operations. Concealed within this business man’s briefcase is your very own portable private eye. Next time you’re in […]

Differences Between LukWerK Hidden Camera & Other Hidden Cameras

There are many hidden cameras in the video surveillance market today but there is a new kind of hidden camera that not only has a hidden camera inside of it but also a small computer that does all the video processing. World’s First Ever Networked Hidden Spy Camera The spy camera masquerades as a sleek, […]

How To Record On DVD With Your Hidden Camera Or Spy Cam

A Hidden Camera Can Be Used for Many Purposes Including Catching Abusing Care Givers, Cheating Spouses, Nosey Landlords, Thieving Roommates, Employee Theft. A covert spy cam or hidden camera can be used to ensure peace of mind and the safety of your family and business.  By using hidden video surveillance camera or spy cam, you can: […]

Hidden Camera With Professional Portable DVR Receiver Recorder

These 2 most popular hidden camera devices are covertly disguised as a Sony Alarm Clock or Air Freshener you would see in any typical home, apartment or business. And now for the first time combined with a Professional Recorder / Receiver Hidden Camera Bundle for your most covert hidden camera surveillance operations! HC-ALARC-GC Alarm Clock Wireless Color […]

6 Ways To Record Video Surveillance From Your Spy Cam or Hidden Camera

This article explores 6 ways to record and capture video and sometimes audio surveillance from you spy cam or hidden camera. You are not limited to one way or the other. There are several ways to record your video surveillance and even audio surveillance if you have a mini spy cam that is capable of doing […]

Hidden Camera Disguised As A Down View Smoke Detector

This is a hidden cam disguised as a regular smoke detector. This is a non functional downview smoke detector with built in hidden camera inside looking down. This hidden camera could be used for a business over a cash register, or in a family room where children are playing or anywhere complete covert hidden cam video surveillance is required in a familiar often […]

Hidden Camera Disguised As A Ordinary Back Pack

This is a hidden camera disguised as a regular Back Pack. This is a functional back pack with built in hidden camera. This hidden camera could be used for tracking criminals in on the lamb, or on a schools bus where you want to get evidence on a teacher making out with the student or bus driver driving recklessly or anywhere […]

Hidden Camera Disguised As An Air Freshener

This is a hidden camera disguised as a Air Freshener. This is a non functional air freshener with built in hidden camera. This hidden camera could be used in a dormitory room, house bathroom or kitchen or in a business where complete covert hidden camera video surveillance is required. The Air Freshener hidden camera is non-functioning as an air freshener but is perfect […]

Hidden Camera Disguised As A Suspended Animation Clock

This is a hidden camera disguised as a suspended animation clock. This is a fully-functional black clock with built in alarm. This hidden camera could be used in a dormitory, house, bathroom, kitchen or anywhere at work location where complete covert video surveillance is required. No one will ever think there is a hidden camera in […]

How To Add Portability To Your Hidden Camera

A Hidden Camera Can Be Used for Many Purposes Including Catching Abusing Care Givers(a.k.a Nanny’s), Cheating Spouses, Prying Landlords, Thieving Roommates, Employee’s stealing from the cash register. How do hidden cameras work? There is a small board camera is built into an everyday item. The camera can be wired which means it is connected to the DVR […]